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Pervasive gaming

Pervasive Gaming (picture by Mick Carrasco)

Definition of "pervasive" [per-vã'sîv]: encompassing, always present.

Pervasive gaming means games that surround you, 24 hours a day, everywhere. When you walk down the street, you're walking through an adventure world draped on top of the real world, and people you meet may be characters in the same game you're playing. Enemy or friend, virtual lover, or an evil monster?

Every location may have significance in the game - the main square is a virtual swamp, the central station is headquarters for secret agents - and your phone will warn you when you enter. Get on the Web to guide your team members from the game commander screen, or buy a tattoo for your virtual soap-opera avatar.

Pervasive gaming is the vision of It's Alive. While it has been around for sometime as the concept of the games of the future, It's Alive is making it happen with existing technology. Today.

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