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By: Anonymous
Date: Thursday, December 04, 2003
Time: 10:18
Title: Can You Trust This Man?
Much has been discussed regarding the validity of the ICTA and the credibility of Scott Paschal.

After reading the articles, updates and message board postings, and whether you are convinced one way or another, would you trust your children with a man who:

CLAIMS to be an ordained minister and REFUSES to give out details of where he was ordained, the denomination that ordained him or even when he was ordained?

USES Christianity and LIES on a web site to LURE children to a non-existent facility?

REFUSES to give out the name of his Church home or even the name of his Pastor?

REFUSES to name any world-class player he has claimed to coach?

REFUSES to give out the name of any person who can validate ANY of his activities?

ADMITS to being a LIAR and EXAGGERATING on an international web site (his own) about every aspect of his ministerial and coaching activities?

REFUSES to name a location for his academy and still EXAGGERATES on his web site about facilities that don’t exist?

CLAIMS to be involved with the HIGHEST PROFILED Christian man in professional tennis when the Christian man has proved this COMPLETELY false?

Whose ‘supporters’ slander and defame ANYONE who is critical of their activities?

Who has been FIRED from jobs he’s held in tennis for LYING and FALSIFYING CREDENTIALS to gain employment?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please consult a licensed therapist ASAP.