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By: Anonymous
Date: Sunday, December 21, 2003
Time: 12:25
Title: Scott Paschal returns
Message The voodooman has nothing to say....

But, it appears that Scott Paschal does! See his new website at

Still the same old lies and deception...

The new 'Academy' features the beach, fishing, horseback riding, grill, game room, pool, etc - everything except an academy and tennis courts!!! What happened to the 18 hard courts, 6 clay courts and 2 grass courts featured on the site in October or the 6 hard courts and 4 claycourts, pro shop, fitness center, etc. that were being built "debt free" along with Scott's new house and added student rooms???

But, one thing has grown from the ashes of Scott's failed $8- an-hour job at the European Village... He has opened a new Tennis Ministry Training Center in Palm Coast which has been operational since November. "The World's First TMTC from the World's Leading Christian Tennis Sports Ministry". No address or phone number given, of course... Where exactly is this new facility, Scott?

I particularly like the other new business venture described at where Scott will teach you how to build a succesful sports ministry - baseball, golf, whatever your sport - just like his! Being fired for incompetence from an $8/hour maintenance job a few months ago and building a "world class ministry and academy" that amounts to teaching a couple of kids at a local public court... now those are skills that people will really pay good money to learn...!

Oh, yes, and there is yet another venture - the ICTA "Pro Shop" under the management of ICTA Pro Shop Manager Melody Snelen (who has inexplicably moved back to Arlington , TX). No, they have nothing to sell yet - one more empty shell within the ICTA empire. But they probably soon will have - just look under the Humanitarian Aid section of the site at and you will find a request for donations of tennis and sports equipment - to be sent to... you guessed it - Melody Snelen in Arlington , TX. Just a co-incidence, of course, that the donations of equipment and the 'shop' are located in Arlington, TX and the remainder of the empire is in Palm Coast, FL...

Perhaps Scott will send us some details of all the donations of equipment and cash that he claims to have made 'worldwide' during 'mission trips' just to set the record straight???

I suppose it is too much to hope that Scott has 'seen the light' as he again claims on his website, so I will be looking forward to reading more as the site - and Scott's imagination - grows.