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By: holytouch
Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Time: 19:30
Title: Scott Paschal
Message hello all.

Scott Paschal is my former brother in law, and I want to set a few things straight here. My sister is Tracee, formerly Tracee Paschal. I discovered this site while playing with my googlebot (a piece of code i am developing).

Tracee is happily remarried - she is NOT currently married to Scott. (who you all here call scotie) Scott apparently has a lot of detractors here, and I have no need to get into the mudslinging, but please do not link my sister to him.

I will say this, in the years i knew him (1996-1998) i never heard him mention his faith, or anything that would ever lead me to believe he was desiring to witness to the world via a christian tennis association. He left my sister in a very untenable situation, as i am sure he will do to many more women before age catches up to him and he can no longer woo the "girl of the week".

I have no malice for Scott, but he never displayed any actual character during his (thankfully) brief marriage to my sister. Unless you are into mass drama, avoid him.

Tom Pope

(and so you do not take this as some random post, I can be reached at should the need arise for verification)