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The Decendents of Alford and Mariah Brown Woodham  

ALFRED WOODHAM, 1842 -188? 
MARIAH BROWN, 1845-1915

ALFRED was born a slave in South Carolina location unknown and apparently lived on the plantation of Rachel and Asa Woodham until the civil war. Immediately after the war he apparently lived with at least six other emancipated slaves for several years near the Woodham plantation until he married MARIAH BROWN.
MARIAH BROWN was born a slave in North Carolina. Her fathers name was TOM BROWN. It is not known what area of North Carolina she was born.
Alfred and Mariah had at least ten children CAMILLA, JAMES EDWARD, MARY, CECIL MCIVER, ALBERTUS, MARY, MARIE, WESLEY, and NORMAN .CAMILLAalong with another infant died before reaching adulthood.
ALFREDdied sometime between 1880 and 1900. Around 1900 MARIAHand her children with the exception of JAMES EDWARD, who by this time was living in the Lamar area moved to the Lydia community of Darlington County. There, she also raised her nephew WILLIE "SPATCH" JEFFERYalong with her other children. MARIAHlived in Lydia until she died in 1915. She was buried at St. John Methodist Church in the Oates Community of Darlington County SC. Her gravesite is located in the church graveyard and marked by a faded tombstone which reads "MARIAHWife of ALFRED". 

SENE 1792- 188?

 SENE was the grandmother of ALFRED WOODHAM. SENEis mentioned in the will of Aris Woodham (see will below) written in 1818 and in the will of his wife Rachel written in the 1850’s.
In 1880 at the age of 87 SENE WOODHAMwas still alive and living with her grandson ALFRED WOODHAMin the Stokes Bridge community of Darlington County now Lee county. SENEremained with Aris’ wife Rachel until her death in the 1850’s and then with Aris’ and Rachel’s son Asa until emancipation during the civil war. Amazingly SENEwas never sold and remained with Aris Woodham and his heirs most of her life. She apparently died sometime between 1880 and 1900 although the exact year cannot be determined.

Will of Aris Woodham
State Of South Carolina
Darlington District

In the name of God Amen. I Aris Woodham of the District and State foresaid, now being in a low state of health but of sound mind, and in memory, do hereby dispose of the whole of my property in the following manner.
(vis)............In the first place I give unto my wife Rachel Woodham and unto my son Asa Woodham-the plantation and tract of land whereon I now live containing one hundred and fifty eight acres. Also one other tract of land containing seventy six acres - also one other tract of land containing three hundred acres - known as the Mill tract to be held by them cojointly for the support of my young children. (vis) Margret, Feriba, Rachel, Lousia, Dupree, Stephen, & Iras - I also give unto my wife and son Asa, one Negro woman named SENE, one Negro boy named WILL, and one Negro man named JEFS, which said Negro man to be disposed of as I shall hereafter direct together with my household furniture, plantations tools, stock of every description that I posses - to be in their possession and distributed proportionally to my young children as they may, marry or arrive at the age of twenty one years. In the second place, I give unto my son Athanasus Woodham one tract of land whereon he now lives containing one hundred and sixty eight acres---In the third place I give unto my son Edward Woodham on tract of land whereon he now lives containing one hundred sixty eight acres---
In the fourth place I give unto my son Aris one bay mare, one feather bed and furniture, one cow calf and bridle and saddle, Also that the said Negro man JEFS shell be hired out the January after my decease, and monies arising from his hire be given to my son Aris, until he receives a proportionate with my sons Athanasus, and Edward--then said Negro to be sold by my Execs. and the monies arising from the sale to be divided between my young children, until they receive that part that I hereafter state.
In the fifth place- I give unto my daughter Margret Woodham one mare bridle, & saddle, one cow and calf and one bed and furniture. In the sixth place, I give unto Daughter Ferba Woodham- one horse bridle and saddle, one cow and calf, and one bed and furniture. In the seventh place, I give unto my daughter Rachel Woodham one bridle and saddle-one cow and calf and one bed and furniture
In the eighth place, I give unto my daughter Louisa Woodham one horse bridle and saddle-one cow and calf and one bed and furniture. In the ninth place,- I give unto my son Stephen Woodham one horse bridle and saddle and one calf-one feather bed and money to be paid to him by my Executors- to make his part of property equal- to my sons that are now married off-- this money to paid out of the monies arising out of the sale of the Negro man JEFS and if the said Negro shou’d die previous to the sale it is my will that my Executors sell property of the estate-sufficient to make my son Stephen equal with those stated--In the tenth place I give unto my son Iras Woodham- one horse bridle and saddle, one cow and calf-one feather bed and furniture- and a proportionate part of the money, as given to my son Stephen-In the last place I give unto my wife, and son Asa one Grist mill & Cotton Gin (with this exception) that the whole of my children shall have their grinding and picking done free from toll-and in case of having to rebuild, or repair, said mill & gin-for them all to do a proportionate part-
It is also my will that if the Negro JEFS shou’d die previous to his hire amounting to the sum-stated for my son Aris- the Executors will raise his proportionate part from the sales of property of the estate.

I do hereby constitute and appoint my wife Rachel Woodham, Executrix and my two sons Asa Woodham, and Athanasus Woodham Executors to this my last will and testament
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal- this fifth day of June in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eighteen
Signed in the presence of
Jas Rembert Aris Woodham (seal)
Felix Ellis
Ind Millar
E P Muse

Recorded in will book 4 page 57
Recorded 22d July 1818
Geo. Bruce Ordinary DDApt, A. pkg. 695 

Written by Margaret Woodham

EDWARD WOODHAMthe son of ALFRED AND MARIAN BROWN WOODHAMwas born in 1872 and died in 1935. During his life journy here he met and Married Corine Lyde. They had four children Monroe, Cora, David and Blanch'Edward also had another daughter, Lucille. Corine died before the children grew up, therefore Edward had to do the upbringing on God and his will bt farming and whatever other means he had. He taught them how to be good people and believe in God and going to church. 
ï MONROE WOODHAM was born in 1899 and died in 1986 at the age of 87.
during his life journey here he met and married CORINA RIVERS. They had ten children and two died as infants. The other eight are GLADYS P. WOODHAM, MARGARET WOODHAM POMPEY, MONROE WOODHAM, JR., ROOSEVELT, THEO B.
and an adopted grandson WILLIE WOODHAM
ï RAYMOND WOODHAM (1931- 1990)
ï EDMOND WOODHAM (1933-1985)
ï CORINA (? - died 1978)
ï CORA (deceased)
David and his family moved to Baltimore Maryland many years ago and finished rearing their family. He was a steel worker and had many years of hard work there. Goldie was a homemaker caring for the children , David Shannon, Josephine, Vertell Mildred Woodham Brown, Sylvia Mae, and Nocomos 

ï BLANCHE WOODHAM and her husband CLYDE WOODS had 3 boys 
CLYDE, JR. (deceased), LUCIOUS WOODS, DONALD WOODS. Blanch was a very hard worker for here 3 boys because she wanted the best od everything from home training to church up bringing and education She was also very active in church work during her productive life.

( m. LAURA JACOBS, 1897 - 1945)

MCIVER WOODHAM was born in 1874 in the Stokes Bridge Community. He Moved to the Lydia community around 1900 and in 1918 married LAURA JACOBS. 
Hosea Woodham (Deceased) Eugene Woodham
Maggie Woodham (Deceased) Marie Woodham
James Woodham Charles Woodham
Grand Children
Mamie Kelly Cynthia Woodham
Sadie D. Gardner Joyce Gardner
Sherby J. Woodham Woodrow Gardner
Michael Woodham (Deceased) Carrie L. Dixon
Sandra Gardner Qinezetta Rogers
Nathaniel Woodham
Great Grand Children
Patricia McCall Dale K. Arthur Phillip Kelly Debra K. Collier Loretta W. Frazier David Kelly Jr. Marion K. Hennigan (Deceased) 
Robert L. Addison Darryl Kelly James H. Addison (Deceased) 
Thomas Addison (Deceased) Teresa K. Hardaway Shawn Woodham
Great Great Grand Children
Rebecca Peterson Isaac Peterson, Jr. Cathy Peterson Paul Peterson
Frederick Collier Kelly Collier Asia A. Kelly Blythe Hennigan Kefee Arthur Everett Kelly Danetra Kelly Louie Hardaway 
Carlton Hardaway Mia Colleen Addison Thomas James Ford Kayla Hardaway 
Isaisah Collier Gabriel Kelly Derrick Collier Centell Williams
Michael Peterson Kierra Peterson Tracie Peterson Shaquiza Peterson
Isaac Peterson III Paul Peterson, Jr. Nikki Giovanna Kelly (Deceased)

Albertus Woodham
Albertus Woodham
(m. AURELIA, 1890- 1927)
Reprinted from "Negro News", the Hartsville Messenger November 2, 1967

ALBERTUS "PET" WOODHAM,an aged and prominent citizen of the Burnt, Branch community died at his home last Tuesday after six months of confinement. He remained on the farm of the late Gabe Stokes for more than 40 years. The venereable character won honor and respect because of his integrety, loyal devotion, and service to the church and community, as well as his activities in the social and political functions for the welfare of the people. He held positions of trust and authority in the church as was a living influence for good in the community. Mr. Woodham was Worthy Grand Master of the local lodge and Grand Master of the Brothers and Sisters Grand Union. He is survived by his wife the former Mrs. ERON MACKLUNNseven children, ten step children, 32 grand children, 36 great grand children, one sister (MRS. MARIE PEOPLES), One uncle, and many nieces and nephews. Final rites were held at the St. John Methodist Church, Friday October 27. Interment was directed in the church cemetery by the Hines Brothers funeral staff

KERMIT (step son)
FOSTER (step son)

Marie Woodham Peoples
Marie Woodham Peoples
Obituary reprinted from the program for the funeral services of Marie Woodham Peoples.
It is said that there are three words in the English Vocabulary that are more solemn than all of the others. They are life, death and eternity. Life is more solemn that death, to live is more serious than to die. The object of Christmas death was life. A Christian’s death gives them a more abundant life.
Death is a joyful messenger of peace whose kind hand opens to the weary pilgrim the gate of immortality and lets the oppressed go free. A beautiful life came to a close Friday, October 9, 1971 when MRS. MARIE WOODHAM PEOPLES was called to her heavenly home. she was born and reared in Darlington County of the Oates community the daughter of the late ALFRED and MARIAH WOODHAM..
She was converted at an early agent and during her youth was a member of the St. John United Methodist Church. Later she joined the Shiloh United Methodist Church where she served faithfully until the end.
She attended the public schools of Darlington County.
She was a loving mother and grandmother, and was loved by all who knew her,
She was joined in matrimony to the late CHARLIE PEOPLES. To this union six children were born, two have preceded her to the grave.
She leaves to mourn her passing: three daughters and one son, MRS.MONROE (MAGNOLIA) WINGATE ofCamden, N. J., MARIAHand LAVERN PEOPLESof the home, and MRS. LONNIE (SADIE) MACKof Hartsville, S. C,,
twenty -four grandchildren, forty seven great grand-children, seven great great grandchildren, three sisters-in-law MRS. OPHELIA WOODHAM of Hartsville, S. C, MRS. ANNIE PEOPLES Bess ofthe Oats community, MRS. ERON WOODHAM of Darllngton, . a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. 


Annie Mae Magnolia Dewy Lavern Saddie Mariah

Grand Children
Robert Kirvin Luther Kirven Modestine Kirven
Vivian Kirven Robert Kirven Vesnie Marie Kirven
Hike Lee Kirven Van Kirven Alfonzo Kirven
Thernell Kirven Sandra Kirven Carol Johnson
Gail Belinda Mack Tommie Mack, Jr. La Shelia Mack
Milton G. Mack Marilyn Dean Peoples Magnolia Johnson Wingate

Great Grand Children
Carolyn Odessa Johnson Schyler McFarland Sterling Mack
Laylas Mack Cascile Dinkin Wade Wyatt, Jr.
Alex Wingate Cathlene Wingate Champell Wingate
Morris Wingate Morgan Jayland Mack

Great Great Grand Children
Lekisha McFarland Tameika McFarland Jerard McFarland
Jirard McFarland
WESLEY WOODHAM, SR., 1888 - 1956 
( m. ROSA ARTHUR, 1891-1935)
Obituary Reprinted from "Negro News", the Hartsville Messenger November 29, 1956

Death stepped in early Sunday morning and claimed the life of MR. WESLEY WOODHAMafter an illness of more than six years. His illness was a demonstration of patient long suffering which was endured with the finest spirit and courage ever witnessed by this writer. He was a Christian character who gave full and diligent service to the church and the promotion of the Kingdom of God. His influence continued to prevail through his infirmity and he h a s left his footprints on the sands of time to guide those who live after him. He was an officer in the St. John Methodist Church, where he served, as Sunday school superintendent and director of music. He was a officer in the Brothers and Sisters Grand lodge. A devoted husband and father, whose first marriage was to, MISS ROSA ARTHURand to this union there were five daughters and three sons, two step-children, fourteen grandchildren, four step grandchildren, one sister, MRS. MARIE PEOPLES, one uncle, one brother, MR. ALBERTUS WOODHAM, and a host of relatives and friends. 

Grand Children

Rose Tarver Mason Eleanor Tarver Geraldine Travis Henry McFadden, Jr. 
Mary McFadden Hall Robert Mcfadden Cynthia McFadden Allen 
Dwight Woodham June Pauley Edward Pauley Will Pauley
Michael Woodham Kirby Woodham Steven Woodham Timothy Woodham
Glenn Woodham Dorrie Woodham Celestine Littles Hazel Littles
Annie Littles Lighty Eugene Littles Cornell Littles

Great Grand Children
Aliecia Mason Alexander Mason IV Sonya Mason Demond Tarver
Rashidah Tarver Hakimah Tarver Hakiamah Tarver 
Ibn Salahdin Stokes Nakeya Travis Amirah Travis Devin Travis
Donald Travis Kevin Travis Hamid Travis Hiriam Travis
Keyena Travis Davon Travis Najee Travis Marlo Mann
Sherri Mann Kim Lighty Peter Littles Kevin Littles
Andrew Woodham Sandra Littles Debra Hall Fredia Hall 
Kim Hall Anthony McFadden Rosalind McFadden Swann
Roderick Mcfadden Jermaine Lighty Jason Allen

Great Great Grand Children
Christopher Michael Mason-Hale Terrence Andrew Hale Maya A. Hale
Jiamond Tarver Zhade Tarver Quiame Mann Thomassina Mann
China Mann Briana Mann 
NORMAN WOODHAM, 1892-1930 
(m. HELEN MURDOCK, 1904 - ?)

 NORMAN WOODHAM the youngest child of ALFRED and MARIAHWOODHAM was the only one of their children to serve in the military. He serve in the United States Army during World War I in Europe.
Andrew (Deceased)

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