Carl Dennis

Short Vita and Bibliography

Office: 435 Clemens Hall
Phone: (716) 645-2575 Ext.1041

Courses Taught Most Recently:

American Poetry, American Renaissance, CreativeWriting, Greek and Roman Literature in Translation

Books of Poems:

A House of My Own (George Braziller, l974)
Climbing Down
(George Braziller, l976)
Signs and Wonders (Princeton University Press, l979)
The Near World (William Morrow, l985)
The Outskirts of Troy (William Morrow, l988)
Meetings with Time (Viking Penguin, l992)
Ranking the Wishes (Penguin, l997)
Practical Gods (Penguin in 2001)

Books of Criticism:

Poetry as Persuasion, an Essay for Writers (University of Georgia Press in 200l)
Selected Periodicals in which poems have appeared:
Atlantic Monthly, American Poetry Review, Ironwood, Kenyon Review, The New Republic, The Paris Review, The New Yorker, Poetry, and Salmagundi


Selected Anthologies in which poems have appeared:


The Best American Poetry l992, Charles Simic ed. (Scribners, l992)
The Best American Poetry l993, Louise Gluck ed. (Scribners, l993)
The Best American Poetry l997,
James Tate ed. (Scribners, l997)
The Bread Loaf Anthology of Poetry
, Robert Pack, Sidney Lea, and Jay Parini, eds. (University Press of New England, l985)
Poems for a Small Planet,
Robert Pack and Jay Parini eds., (University Press of New England, l993)
Pushcart Anthology
(Pushcart Press, l988)
Pushcart Anthology
(Pushcart Press, l995)
Orpheus and Company
, Deborah Denicola ed (University Press of New England, l999)


Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
Ruth Lily Poetry Prize
Guggenheim Fellowship in Poetry
National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry
Fellow at the Rockefeller Study Center in Bellagio, Italy


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