Scott Paschal - ICTA - Palm Coast

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By: Anonymous
Date: Monday, August 25, 2003
Time: 07:17
Title: The NEW REGIME at Palm Coast
Message So now Peter is apologizing profusely and begging for money from the members. Scot is to deal only with the new younger members. Dave Neuhart will stay on and deal with the older members. Who will deal with the Christians? the Jews? the children? (let it not be the Scot person who is a threat to children). Peter is having meetings with small groups of members. At each meeting he hears a problem area. At the next meeting he spins a story to cure the problem. Now he has so many stories spinning about they are a web of confusion. What a mess. They just continue to get worse. Scot's lies are revealed at every meeting, but Peter will not get rid of him. Says something about the owner if he hires and sticks with such an unsatisfactory character. The fewer people that give him money the better.