Scott Paschal - ICTA - Palm Coast

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By: Anonymous
Date: Friday, August 29, 2003
Time: 23:27
Title: Scotty, a child molester?
Message I've played at the players club for a while, and when i saw what Scotty was doing there, i got the hell out of dodge. I especially feel bad for the kids that are training under him. First of all, the guy knows nothing about tennis. He's supposed to be training these kids at a pro level? Give me a fucking break! Secondly, his kids, the same ones who are supposed to be the next big thing in tennis, suck. They are horrible tennis players, and would be lucky if they ever win a junior tournament. I know of one junior that would beat anyone of Scotts players without breaking a sweat; there are many juniors around here that would. Scott has these poor kids brainwashed or something, its not even funny. This whole group is more of a cult than a tennis training camp.

Now to the really disturbing part. All these kids live in the same house as Scott. Two 19 year old twin girls and a 14 year old girl stay in the same house as the shady character known as Scott. Now, come on, whats to stop him from doing something wrong, nothing. He controls every aspect of the girl's lives, and they are fooled into believing they are going to be something great. He lies to them to convince the girls to keep training with him, i wonder what else he convinces them to do.

This is a very serious situation, and i believe that all of my fellow club members should watch out for and try to help these poor children. Sooner or later they will find out that they are never going to accomplish anything with tennis, and it will devistate them. They dedicate their whole lives to tennis and to Scott, but all he does is lie to them and use them for his own sexual enjoyment. Beware of Scott.