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By: Jeff
Date: Sunday, September 07, 2003
Time: 12:31
Title: Why the focus will stay on Scott Paschal
Message I used to have great respect for religion - until I saw how it was manipulated, debased and used for personal gratification and deviation. How many tens of thousands of children have to be abused by Catholic priests before someone sees that not everyone who claims to be a Christian is worthy of respect. Just today a local priest has been accused of sexual abuse, extortion and drug abuse and a teacher at a Christian school has been jailed for sexual misconduct with a pupil. Today - in one local community.

Of course, I am not saying that all Christians are child abusers - I know and resect many fine people who are TRUE Christians. But, I AM saying that claiming to be a Christian does NOT make a person honest and worthy of respect.

Scott Paschal claims to be a Christian. But Scott Paschal is a liar. Lying is NOT Christian behavior. I used to be prepared to think that he might be entitled to some slight doubt about his numerous fanciful claims and that he might be simply guilty of a little exageration - as most of us are at some time or other.

Now I KNOW that he is a liar. He is either a deliberate and consistent liar who is well aware that he is deliberately deceiving those around him, or, he is amoral amd pathologically incapable of knowing fantasy from reality. I don't really care enough to be interested in deciding which it is. But, I do have so much evidence of his lies that there is absolutely no doubt that he is one or the other.

One example: he claims to be involved with a joint venture to develop junior tennis with Carl Chang (Michael's brother). He uses this claim to generate some veneer of respectibility and has made it to me and to others. It is untrue. Carl has personally and categorically denied it. There are MANY more examples. I have received an email just today from a respected person in the tennis community who was approached by Scott and told that he had an academy in Florida with 60 courts. There are DOZENS of similar ludicrous claims and Paschal has been asked to authenticate them. He has not provided any evidence that even ONE of them are true. Yet he says he is misunderstood and unjustly criticized. If that is so, let's here and see some reality from Scott.

This message board exists to provide a forum for whoever wants to comment on whatever they want. I will not censor comments nor will I ban people from the message board (as Scott Paschall did).

But, I understand the frustration of people who would prefer to see a broader content. I have tried to start such discussions but people seem to want to gravitate back to Scott Paschal (or is it GARY Paschal - as he is named in a lawsuit against him for child abuse brought by the Mother of two of his 3 'pupils'?). So what is the truth, Scott? Do you understand why people should be concerned when you want children to come live with you and practice at your 'academy' (wherever that might be since you were fired from Palm Coast).

That's why the story of Scott Paschal will remain a topic on this message board - because I care about the welfare of innocent children and because others seem to care about some of your other activities.

If Scott (Gary) wants to engage in a one-on-one public dialog on this website, I will create a separate forum and I will be happy to debate the issues with him one-on-one. No censhorship - you get a free voice for anything you want to say.

So how about it Scott? You told me a few weeks ago that you wanted to convince me of your sincerity and enter into a "business relationship" of some kind (the fact that you would think for one second taht I would be interested in doing so convinces me that there is something wrong with your thinking processes).

Here's your chance to let everyone on this board (yes, there are thousands more than the 4 individuals that you allege make up the viewing population) know about what is real. Just you and me one-on-one.

Do you have the courage? Let's finally let people hear the truth and see you finally put your name to something instead of hiding behind anonymous posts. If you are finally prepared to tell the truth, let's all hear it...