Scott Paschal - ICTA - Palm Coast

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By: Jeff
Date: Sunday, October 05, 2003
Time: 01:07
Title: ICTA's new academy
Message Seems as though this topic has to stay around for a while as the ICTA website has reappeared (although there is no sign of the "professionally designed site" promised months ago).

More importantly a link on the site - updated on October 2, 2003 - provides details of the new ICTA World Class Tennis Academy - and links to a new webpage at

The new ICTA academy provides onsite condominiums, 18 hard courts, 6 clay courts, 2 grass courts, a swimming pool, restaurant... hang on a minute... isn't this the Palm Coast club from which Mr Paschal was fired a month ago for incompetence???

I guess he must have decided to add the club to his existing empire of academies, car dealerships and other businesses...!

As the site has only just reappeared and was updated just a couple of days ago, there can't be any mistake. A phone number of (817) 239 3185 is provided for more information. Now who wants to call and see if Scott is actually offering tuition at his new academy for $399-699 per week. Don't forget to ask about the scholarships that have been available...!

If anyone will supply me with details of services offered to them by Mr Paschal at his new academy, I will be very interested in receiving them - send to