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By: Jeff
Date: Sunday, November 14, 2004
Time: 01:14
Title: ICTA's official partnership' with the WTA
Message The ICTA has requested that I remove information "stolen" from its website posted on this message board by an anonymous user. I investigated and determined that the information had been accurately and fairly reproduced and that it appeared to be a 'news release' and therefore intended for public use.

The information is as follows:

"ICTA Announces Official Partnership with WTA Tour Championships - join us for ICTA Night, Nov 11!
Los Angeles, California, USA:
The International Christian Tennis Association has formed an official partnership with the 2004 WTA Tour Championships. Join us November 11 for the official ICTA Night! ICTA is excited to be an official partner of this year ending $3,000,000 tennis event to decide the #1 WTA tennis player in 2004!

Contact ICTA to enjoy 1/2 price $20 tickets to the WTA
Tour Championships during the official ICTA Night on November 11, 2004 at the Staple Center in Los Angeles California. Meet ICTA founder Scotty Paschal and ICTA sponsors, enjoy our 24-person event suite overlooking center court, watch the world debut on the Jumbotron screens of our official ICTA Promo Video and more!"

As I am an accredited media representative at the WTA Championships, I looked forward to the 'official ICTA night', their video on the 'jumbotron' and learning more of this "official partnership".

There was no 'ICTA night'. There was no video on the Jumbotron. The WTA has advised me that they have not entered into any kind of partnership with Scott Paschal or the ICTA. Their media representative has never heard of either of them. The tournament organizers and their organizing agency has never heard of Scott Paschal or the ICTA and has entered into no relationship with them. Porsche's agent has never heard of them. The Staples Center marketing/PR manager has never heard of them. I have been unable to locate anyone who knows anything about their claims and everyone I have spoken to who would be expected to be aware of such an 'official partnership' has confirmed that their claims are untrue.

The only clue I could find of the existence of the ICTA at the tournament was a mention of its name over the PA before matches began - along with several dozen other attendees - schools, tennis clubs, etc.

In case I somehow managed to speak to all of the wrong people, I look forward to receiving some further information about this 'official partnership' from the ICTA. I'll be happy to pass it along...