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Don't be a loser.

Dear reader,

Undoubtly you've come to this page in your travels concerning Animal Spirituality.  I want to tell you that I've known a lot of Animal Spiritualists.  Certainly, they were all different ... the details of each one wears on you like the so many snow flakes of a blizzard.  Regardless, some of them have commonalities.  Some of them are losers.

Please, reconsider your differences with society.  Yes, you're different, but that's no reason to be a social misfit, a poor wage-earner, or a leech upon the world around you.  Stop living with scads of similarly  leperous friends, stop seeking love within the caste of derelicts, and stop thinking that your day will come.  It won't.  All the waiting in the world will only leave you old and alone, soon to be dead and unremembered.

Get an education.  Go to college.  Yes, you can afford it .. somehow.  And DO NOT drop out.  WORK for it like you've never worked for anything before.  Graphic design, engineering, chemistry, ... something.  Try a trade school.  Learn to be a cop, a construction worker, an electrician. 

Get a job.  All these things are fine professions that give you a satisfying life you'll be proud to have led when it's over.  Chasing your dream of being a artist, celebrity, or someone truely remarkable is a hard road that very few actually reach real success.  Far fewer yet do it under their own power, you NEED an education.

Don't embarass yourself.  There's no shame in living in suburbia and working 9 to 5.  No shame in being part of the workaday world.  You're part of the solution then: you get a house, car, and the benefits of a well paid lifestyle.  Don't get wild and scare people with strange ideas and even stranger practices.  Those people are part of the problem.

You KNOW if you're a loser of not.  Search your soul, seek the true answers, and change your life for the better.  Sure, you're different ... but you don't need to surround yourself with idiots to recognize, accept, and love yourself for what you really are.  Be a good person, and the world will recognize it too.

Lion Templin 2003

Essay Flame Rating Responses
Abstract and Notes
The Unified Theory of Core Animal Spirituality - Fall 2002 NEW ---
Released 6 Nov 2002. Adobe Acrobat Reader Required.
[This] paper successfully describes a hitherto difficult-to-communicate concept which exists as a primary driving force behind each individual's conscious or sub-conscious self-assignment of an animal phenotype or relationship, and possibly influences the selection of totems. It solidly defines a power-that-be behind both the "why" and the "which" of AS[.]

-anon reader
Identity In Animal Spirituality - Growth and Declaration in an Online Community - Feb 2004 NEW ---
Released 19 Feb 2004.

"Discovering one's specific animal spirituality can be a difficult process. In today's world of connected online communities of similarly minded people, this process can be significantly shorted by the insightful help of similar people elsewhere in the world. However, the process that results when relying on these well meaning people may not produce results that are consistent or reliable. Several factors may inhibit the proper growth and development of successfully integrated Animal Spiritualists because of this modernized process."
A short view on modern contherianthropy - 19 Jan 1997 GOOD most still in off line tape storage
First in a 4 part series, this was originally posted to AHWW.  It was the first of such posts.
The prevailing attitudes of those who subscribe in therianthropy see the
word as pertaining to those who 'shift' either their mental or physical
forms to that of an animal that's not human.  And most certainly the
classical definition of therianthropy has a great number who fit this simple
dual-based nature, that of two distinct states: human and animal.  However,
with the basis of therianthropy moored the critical 'shifter' definition, it
marginalizes those who identify and feel the presence of animals but lack
the shifting boundary.  Therefore, because they do NOT shift, they do not
fit into the classical definition of therianthropy.
This essay was intended to remove the shifter defintion from the commonly used term "therianthrope" as well as explain, in depth, the concept.  It was successful and was flamed well.
Fun with Faith - The Fallacy of Therianthropy - 16 Feb 1997 GREAT
some still in offline storage
see this directory
Second in a 4 part series, this was originally posted to AHWW.  The best flames yet came from this essay, and continue to burn to this day.
In explaining the nature of himself, the non-therianthrope may recognize
characteristics of the explanation as patterns of his own behavior. 
Therefore, the non-therianthrope can now use the therianthropic ideal as a
basis for his own patterns, and therefore, adopts the therianthropic
mindset. In addition, taking on the explanations of shifting and adopting
those as part of his own behavioral patterns.  This transfer of the
therianthropic model is called "infection", as it is seemingly viral in
This essay served several purposes.  A matter of seeing therianthropy in such a nature certainly is true, and should show those who have the capability to reconsider their path down that road.  Many hot flames resulted from this one, by far the most yet.  A success I'd say.
This essay also carries the distinction of being the only piece so far that has been accused of causing "emotional trauma".  You've been warned.  :)
Proving Individual Contherianthropy - 23 Feb 1997 OK
see this directory
Third in a 4 part series, this was originally posted to AHWW. 
Because of the nature of contherianthropes [see 1], one's self knowledge of
their contherianthropic status would provide a basis for the remainder of
their life, giving the individual a baseline for reactions and long term
goals.  However, barring infection, contherianthropic persons may or may not
know of their therianthropic status because of the deep level in which the
animalistic nature resides.
Not spectacular in nature, this essay covers some basics about therianthropic nature plus problems of self-doubt.
Building Blocks to Contherianthropy - 11 May 1997 OK
none collected
The final essay in a 4 part series, this was originally posted to AHWW.
It is important to have an understanding as to how contherianthropy develops
in individuals.  Such knowledge of the beginnings of any system certainly
aid in understanding developing th current system. In this case, the
development of the contherianthropic ideals in an individual and the
corresponding development of related response sets should provide important
clues as to how an individual deals with their contherianthropic nature on a
day to day basis.
A good finish to the series, this essay covers some specifics about types of therianthropes and how they come about (as well as validity).
"Attention Elders" - 30 Nov 1997 GOOD
none collected
Originally posted directly to AHWW.
A lot of people have been talking about problems with AHWW these days, I
included.  Problems with people, content, ... the disintegration of what was
and the fear of what will never be.  Certainly the problem exists.  Could
it be the elder's fault?  The newbie's fault?  Well, blame aside, a solution
should be found or those fears we see alighted new every day will continue
to haunt us.
A look at the problems of the therianthropic genre and a solution based upon the concept of "strong elder leadership".  Called many things that made 'thropes angry, like entry requirements and well, the concept of leadership.  Flamed a fair amount as I recall, a good start to the list.
Awereness Indicator Test Battery - 1 Oct 1997 GOOD none collected
Originally posted to AHWW as well as IRC.
AIT, or the Awareness (awereness) Indicator Test is a battery of
questions used to profile an individual's possible therianthropic nature. 
AIT is to be designed to allow a tester to evaluate an individual's possible
therianthropic nature without the individual noting directly what the test
is designed to achieve, therefore greatly reducing the risk of infection
among non-therianthropes.  After the test the tester should have a
reasonable course of action whether or not to pursue further therianthropic
Generally hated, the AITB is still a good idea in my eyes.  It was hated simply becuase it represented the possibility that some people would fail the test.  And no one likes the truth, as seen by earlier essays.
Some supporting documents: (these logs were recorded by an unknown source, maybe me)
WereFaries - 31 Dec 1998 none none
Created after some ideas onthe origin of a certain were, and a few beers.  Posted to the AWFR.
And here .. well, there I go.  Me, a WereFairy. 

I pleaded.  Really, I did.  I asked to be a CockroachFairy, or a
DeadPlantFairy.  But no, I got WereFairy.  I think the council was laughing
when they sent me to this one.  I wasn't.  I mean, who'd want to turn
perfectly good people into some mental freak who thinks they're an animal?

A fun comedic piece that pokes fun at "weres", some specific ones ("Cougie" for one) identifiably lampooned.  Enjoy!
Three Lies of Therianthropy - 20 Aug 1999 GOOD none yet loaded
After a long stint away from writing on therianthropy, I lead off a return with this.  Possibly part of a series of unknown length. Posted to AHWW, AWFR, and the pshift mailing list.
Therianthropy provides several avenues of denial that make things
easy for a lot of people.  Many lies are perpetuated by therianthropes in
the process of making their claim .. to the world and themselves.  This is
easily a transgression of intellectual honesty.
Covers some common lies about theiranthropy and how they're transgressed.  I'm still waiting for the flames as this is fairly recent.
AWFR Radio Opening Sequence - 31 Jan 1999 none none yet loaded
SabreLion/Lanmaru of the AWFR asked me to create an introduction to their attempt to lampoon "Were Radio" (a stupid idea anyway) and this is the result. Yes, I do voice over work. For more, hit here.
Basics of Totel Aniamls as a Spiritual Practice - Winter 2001 *** none
This was not written by me, but by Robert Parish. I edited and printed this paper for use with a spirituality track Robert and I ran at a con. We used it as an intorductory statement, but Your Mileage May Vary.

I don't endorse all the views presented in the paper, and am most critical of the untone of suggestions in regards to the Unitarian Universalist church. Those are R. Parish's views and you should seek him out for more information on that subject. His contact info should be in the document.

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