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Wednesday, January 28, 2004.
On January 28th the Hutton Inquiry releases its findings into the death of British scientist David Kelly. Will the allegations of an intelligence report “sexed up” to justify war in Iraq determine the fate of Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Labour Party? What has the controversy over the intelligence dossier done to the state of British politics? And what does it mean for the continuing crisis facing the Anglo-American Alliance in Iraq? counterSpin debates whether Hutton will signal the end of Tony Blair and confirm deception was used to justify war, or vindicate him and uphold the case for the invasion of Iraq.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004.
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Hutton Inquiry is a white wash
by jrm on Wednesday January 28, @04:24PM (#4717)
User #1880 Info
I believe this inquiry was devised as a means to distract the public from the real issue regarding the imperialist nature of the US and it's allies. Forget about Bush, forget about Blair, we're not interested in whether or not Mr. Blair truely trusted the intigence!

Which country has used and continues to use weapons on mass in most corners of the world? Which country has covert agencies working to prop up ruthless dictators in most corners of the world?

Do we really believe the US is going to turn Iraqi power over to Iraqi majority leadership? Iraqis are demanding elections this very moment which are not being arranged because the US and it's strategists know true Iraqi public opinion would drive out the american forces and nationalize it's countries resources.

Most countries of the wests governments are up for sale and hence, so are the foreign policies. It's quite obvious the oil cartels are the special interests behind our plutocratic governments which puts the "moral decision" arguement out on the street.

Yes, I'm a complete cynic when it comes to our governments but that's because it's becoming more and more obvious they don't represent us anymore. So what are we gunna do about it? beh I don't freakin know.
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Let's Go Beyond
by angelo on Wednesday January 28, @05:23PM (#4719)
User #1863 Info
In order to establish some form of intelligent conversation I would suggest we go beyond the infantile notions of "blame it on U.S policy" routine.
Can anyone honestly believe societies in other parts of the world have no responsibility for their problems?
U.S. power is an irrelevant myth created by people who have never taken the opportunity to study history.
Let's make intelligent comments...please.
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Blair is finished.... finally
by JimJohnson on Wednesday January 28, @07:30PM (#4721)
User #413 Info
The "Lord" has spoken! Tony is innocent, mainly due to his unshakable conviction; his sincerity! Gilligan is guilty, due to his unshakable conviction; his sincerity!

There is something terribly wrong here.... could it be that Tony lead a nation into a war crime but should be believed as a sincere politician; whereas the BBC tried to provide the insight into why such a crime should not be committed and should be crushed for making some semantic slips?

Well, I for one sincerely believe that Tony is a lying war criminal, and that Andrew is just a journalist who SINCERELY tried to do his job. I also sincerely believe that all people, but most importantly the British voters, will have finally gotten just a bit too much of Mr. Blair's sincerity and will vote the bugger out!

The only way that the outcome could have been made more ludicrous would have been the appointment of "Lord" Black in Hutton's stead.

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Wasn't this about Blair?
by Dubya on Thursday January 29, @11:27AM (#4732)
User #1827 Info
How'd this week's posts go off on another anti-American, "the sky is falling rant/conspiracy".
Quick, everybody rush to read another left wing blog, because they have all the answers, inside info and they're not corrupt or delusional!LOL!
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What's good for the goose
by emptysearch on Thursday January 29, @11:53AM (#4734)
User #1777 Info
In damning the BBC for the way in which it handled the Kelly affair, it appears that the Hutton report has set a precedent for damning the British government for actions which are, to a great degree, parallel to those taken by the BBC.

1a. Kelly talks to Gilligan and Gilligan interprets the information he hears to suit his purposes.

1b. A "trusted" informant contacts the MoD and,with the "help" of the government, the MoD interprets the information it hears to suit its purposes.

2a. The information which is passed on to the public by Gilligan is not an accurate reflection of that received and so the public is, in a sense, deceived.

2b. The information which is passed on to the public by the government is not an accurate reflection of that received and so the public is, in a sence, deceived. (if we refer to the key element here, what the 45 minute claim was actually inferring - British property or civilians were never at threat)

3a. An inquiry into the matter finds that it was the responsibility of the BBC establishment - at all levels, to ensure the accuracy of the report and that not doing so leaves them culpable.

3b. It only follows that all of those who allowed the claim of the 45 minutes to be publicized in the manner in which it was are culpable - and should receive the same censure that those in the BBC have felt.

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What happened to the deranged Left?
by Dubya on Saturday January 31, @10:10AM (#4742)
User #1827 Info
.....oh ya, they're licking their wounds!!!! :-)
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