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Wednesday, February 25, 2004.
With Federal Minister of National Revenue Stan Keyes, New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton and the Conservative Party's Senior Finance Critic Monte Solberg.

Is the current corruption scandal facing the Liberal Party of Canada just the tip of the iceberg? Earlier this month Auditor General Sheila Fraser released her findings after investigating commissions paid to Liberal-friendly Quebec advertising agencies as part of a federal government sponsorship program. It involves $100 million of misspent or stolen government money. The money was meant to lift the federal government’s profile through a pro-federalism advertising campaign after a near loss in the 1995 Quebec referendum. But is this growing scandal a reflection of a more profound problem with our political process? And if it is what should be done about it? With an election looming and support for Paul Martin dropping in public opinion polls, counterSpin debates the full implications of this latest scandal rocking the Liberal government.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004.
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It's not a scandal if it is systemic
by D on Wednesday February 18, @05:40PM (#4757)
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Quite obviously, this ‘scandal’ is the tip of the iceberg, whether or not the full extent of similar misdirection’s of funds are ever fully uncovered. Rather then view this instance as a scandal, which implies an anomalous, albeit nefarious event, I see this as an example of how systemic corruption is built into our government. This is not a failure of the Liberal government in particular, as much as it is an indication that our governmental processes on a whole are not transparent enough, and we do not have a truly effective system of checks and balances in place.
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Jack Layton
by ed_twardoz on Thursday February 26, @07:35AM (#4765)
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Wow did I hear correctly or not. Did Jack Layton actually say he wanted a proprtional form of representation in the House of Commones....Isnt that leaning towards an "American Style" of government. Is it not the Ameican style that the NDP is always against and isnt it a phrase that is commenly used to propagandize thier radical socialist Big Brother type of agenda that their masses so blindly follow. How pathetic
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