I swear to God that I will eat this sweet bunny on New Year’s Eve if by the...

31st of December, 2005

my bank account does not show at least



When this amount is reached, I promise not only to not eat Fluffy, but I will find him a home on a bunny farm where he can live the rest of his life in luxury just like the rest of us would like to do.


Actual amount in account:

$ 425

– updated once a week –

This could be Fluffy...

Only YOU can save Fluffy!
Fluffy’s life story

I don’t really know the full story for I found him a month ago on a cold and rainy night hiding under a bush in the park. No one showed to claim him and for a month now I have allowed him to eat to his heart’s content and regain his strength.

Fluffy’s end … lies in your hands. Either you make it possible for him to live in bunny playboy paradise or on New Year’s Eve I will be having

Rabbit stew with carrots,
bread and butter!

Here’s what you can do…

Open your hearts and send a check or money order for $1.00, or one of you can
write a check for a million dollars. It doesn’t matter to me.

Just send a much as you want made out to:

Rabbit Stew
1217 Plaza Blvd Suite E #315
Central Point, Oregon 97502

I wish you all,
but above all, I wish Fluffy much success.

Time is running out!
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