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Wednesday, March 10, 2004.
The Ontario government is allowing an alternative judicial tribunal that will use Shari'ah, or Muslim Law, to resolve civil disputes between Muslims. Others, including Jews and First Nations people, already have similar systems in place. Supporters of the Shari’ah based tribunal say that it will benefit Muslims and save both them and the government time and money. Other Muslims are organizing against it. Critics question how a body of law based on religious principles will be interpreted - and how compatible this is with Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Is this a case of government abdication of its responsibility to minority communities under the guise of multiculturalism? Is it about empowering communities ill-represented by Canada’s legal system? And what effect does Shari’ah law have on women's rights? counterSpin debates the role of religious law and whether it belongs in a secular society.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004.
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by Dubya on Friday March 05, @03:31PM (#4827)
User #1827 Info
"Is this a case of government abdication of its responsibility to minority communities under the guise of multiculturalism?"

No, it's a case of pathetic white men looking for votes as Canada loses it's Christian values while every other religion exploits Canada's pluralistic society!
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Choosing the judge.
by MottySpin on Friday March 05, @03:39PM (#4829)
User #1615 Info
As opposed to criminal cases, citizens with civil disputes should be able to choose an authority that is respected by both sides. Consequently, the sides should agree beforehand that the decision of this chosen authority will be final. That way, cases can be resolved faster and at lower cost to the sides in dispute.
As opposed to criminal cases, the outcome of a civil suite is of no consequence to the general public. Therefore, as long as the dispute is resolved, it does not matter to the general public which way it was resolved. For that reason, any person(s) trusted by both sides of the dispute for a fair resolution is good enough to judge a civil case.
As an atheist, I would prefer an atheist, whom I know for just deeds, to resolve my dispute with an opponent. Religious people may prefer persons of their own religion to resolve their civil grudges.
It is all part of personal freedom.
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Islam being misrepresented
by islam on Wednesday March 10, @04:29PM (#4874)
User #1921 Info
There are many so-called "islamic" countries, who claim to use shariah law. As a matter of fact no present country applies islamic law. Most countries are influenced by culture, and people associate culture with religion. Most muslims unfortunately do not understand islam,and have misconceptions about it. There were some comments made on the show by muslims, which showed lack of understanding. The only thing I can say is whom ever God guides no one can misguide, and whom ever God misguides no one can guide.
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Sharia Law in Canada
by Sonja on Thursday March 11, @03:38AM (#4877)
User #1924 Info
I am appalled by what I am hearing and seeing about allowing Sharia law in Canada. It is outrageous. The lady on the screen was saying that “We live in a Secular State”. Number one Canada is not a State. Number Two my lady, you are enjoying freedoms in this Christian Country.

The Christianity which you call “Secular” has allowed you your Free Agency to choose what kind of life you want to live. Women have equal rights in this Christian country. If Muslims in Canada wants the Sharia Law that they left in their own Country, then they should move back to the Islamic Countries, who, number never allow anyone to live in peace as Christians, or if they find out they are Christians either persecute, put them in jail or kill them.

You also said that we do not believe in a life hereafter. Yes Christians do believe in a life hereafter, but we believe in kindness, forgiveness, reaching out to people like yourself to live in Freedom.

We do not believe in Suicide bombings, nor revenge as is so accepted by the Islamic Countries, nor do we believe in women living submissive to their husbands.

Oh Canada think twice before you allow the Sharia Law in Canada.
Sonja from Calgary
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Will there be a real choice ?
by bahram on Thursday March 11, @07:27AM (#4882)
User #1925 Info
If an Islamic court is established many people in Muslim community will be forced to stay away from Canadian court.

If some one choses to use Canadian courts over Islamic law she or he will be consider outcast of the community. She or he will considered some one who betrayed God and Islamic rule. This alone will force many people ( specialy females) to stay away from Canadian court.

This coming on the eve of reports indicating that there are more abuse in minority groups.

Even after two centuries of struggle in western world Churches are not completely open to idea of human righs and gensder equality. how do you expect any other religion to embrace this issues over night.

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Stop the fanatics!
by Peaceful2004 on Monday March 22, @08:16AM (#5022)
User #1927 Info
For those that seek peace and freedom for yourselves and others, stop the fanatics from bringing in separation, including the Shariah. If you want to be judged, or follow the Shariah go to the countries that follow it.

For those of you pushing for this, show me one country in the world that is truly Islamic, one country or government that practices the true Shariah, one country in the so called muslim world that has peace.
I'm a born & raised muslim. My parents brought me here to get away from the atrocities of those so called muslim countries. Why are you ruining Canada? Why don’t you return to those so called muslim countries if their laws are so great? Why live here to cause trouble for those of us that want our freedom and peace.

The Canadian government needs to stop allowing this sort of thing to go on. The funding to all these separate sectors needs to stop. There should be funding only for the public, which includes people of all nations, all religions.

We live in a country that allows us the freedom to practice our beliefs and cultures, why impose and burden others that are not of the same belief. This isn’t France, or Russia, or the USA. We have true freedom here.

Organized religion is the true source of war! For those of you that study history, look and learn. If it weren’t for organized religion, there would be peace in the entire world. The problem may not be religion, but the interpretation of it. Why can’t we live and let live? Respect and tolerate? Acceptance of differences is a requirement in all religions. Why impose fanaticism and take away from public funding?

Don’t bring the problems and unrest of the east to the west – please!Hoping for a world w/o borders. Live & let live.
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