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Wednesday, April 21, 2004.
The 9/11 Commission in Washington continues its daily probing of the White House, the CIA, the FBI and the Pentagon. While former White House terrorism adviser Richard Clarke claims President Bush ignored the al-Qaeda threat before 9/11, National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice insists there was no “silver bullet” that could have prevented the attacks. With the purported Iraqi weapons of mass destruction nowhere to be found and the occupation of Iraq proving more disastrous every day, many feel the reasons for going to war must again take centre stage. Truth, lies and the war on terrorism, from 9/11 to WMD and Iraq, counterSpin debates what the White House knew and when they knew it. With special guest Greg Palast, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Palast also writes for Britain's Observer and Guardian newspapers, and is an investigative reporter for BBC Television's Newsnight.

Watch this episode Online! Part One, Two, Three, Four, in rm format.


Wednesday, April 21, 2004.
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Jojo...your hero is on Counterspin!
by Dubya on Friday April 16, @12:35PM (#5695)
User #1827 Info
cuz I guess he knows what went on.....
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Sean Hannity and Ann Coutier
by ed_twardoz on Friday April 16, @01:19PM (#5701)
User #1838 Info
Sean and Ann should be on for bout some balance once in a while
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Where is the discussion?
by jrm on Friday April 16, @02:56PM (#5705)
User #1880 Info
I missed out on this episode, I wish I hadn't but it seems the online discussion hasn't started yet.

So I guess I'll wait for tommorow so I can watch the show before I delve into the topic and why I believe the Key members of the Bush administration knew of the pending attacks of 9/11 and chose to facilitate them rather than thwart them.

It's really a highly documented theory and one that, if given some real spotlight would be an easy debate. Mike Ruppert I'm sure would win every dabate against any media pundit, inteligence expert.. whatever.

In fact, it's really as simple as this, "11 COUNTRIES WANRNED THE US OF THE PENDING ATTACKS".
There's pleanty of other evidence pointing to forknowledge but, if even this simple fact was discussed in the mainstream media, it would become very clear as to the truth in the matter.
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Get Real!
by Crammed on Friday April 16, @09:19PM (#5714)
User #349 Info
Wow! Now counterSpin isn't even bothering with real topics. They're catering strictly towards the tinfoil hat, conspiracy-theorist, America-hating, Saddam-loving, Arafat-idolizing, bin-Laden praising, hordes.
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Sven Robinson NDP MP & THIEF
by CADIMA on Friday April 16, @10:02PM (#5715)
User #1941 Info
Here is another Canadian topic that Counterspin will never debate: Svend Robinson the NDP MP for Burnaby-Douglas, B.C. theft of a piece of jewelry. This is a man who made an important part of his political career to criticize the US and Israel. Now we know how hypocrite he was. He is nothing than a common thief!!!

I just can’t help wondering if he also kept public money!!!
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Watch this
by Nicky on Saturday April 17, @07:14AM (#5717)
User #1919 Info
I hope counterSpin can get some idea how to make a show by watching this brilliant report on the so called "war on terror". Here is the link:

Breaking the Silence
A hard hitting special report into the "war on terror" Award winning journalist John Pilger
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Topic change
by ed_twardoz on Saturday April 17, @01:11PM (#5718)
User #1838 Info
The topic will most likly either change or expand to discuss how the Isralis got another HamAss pig today. Good job Isreal.
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The Truth, The Lies
by Nicky on Sunday April 18, @04:23AM (#5726)
User #1919 Info
There's something very interesting going on here, worth to notice. Right wing is in such a defensive position that even refuses to talk about the topic. It's been widely reflected on the postings by Dubya, CADIMA, Crammed and ed_twardoz. They're hanging on anything and everything but to face the facts. After all, the topic is about the Truth and the Lies. I guess right wing is well aware where it stands: the Lies & the Lies.

How about left wing? Our arguments are reflected in the report I posted earlier("watch this"), in Micael Moore's "Dude, where's my country?"; and in mountains of fact-based discussions we did since 9/11. We never bought this crap("war on terror") for a second.

However, there is a "bible" of critique on this topic which contains the Truth, the Whole Truth. It was written by Mansoor Hekmat days after 9/11. What Hekmat argued that the world after 9/11 is the world of a bloody war between two poles of terrorism(US-led coalition and the Political Islam). Hekmat also argues that there is a third force way bigger than the other two. He calls it the giant force of "civilized population of the world"( over a year after his writing, the third force displayed itself in a massive demo on Feb 15/2003. John Pilger calls this force as the "second superpower"). He argued that it is not written on stone that our destiny must be determined in Washington and by Political Islam(i.e. Al-quaeda, Hamas, etc).

The third force can (for the sake of humanity, for our own sake) it must change the course of war between the terrorists to a battle for a better world.

If you're up to find out the Truth, that is, the Whole Truth, I highly recommend this writing:

The World After September 11, Mansoor Hekmat
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Norad ran Drills
by derk on Monday April 19, @04:14PM (#5774)
User #1826 Info
Norad defence officals said that they had run mock highjacking drills which used many types of jets as missiles.In one scenario they were going to use the Pentagon as a target but officals said that taht scenario was too unrealiztic. A whitehouse offical said that the Bush administration had no knowledge of these drills (lol).
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Proving a negative
by H-Bomb on Wednesday April 21, @07:08PM (#5809)
User #1705 Info
I only watched a couple of minutes of the show. What I did see was enough. The panelists forgot to ask a couple of very obvious question. When the fat guy was going on about resolution 14XX whatever and the fact that Iraq was in violation of 15 resolutions to disarm etc etc. And the fact Iraq had "failed to prove it had disarmed". The question the fuck do you prove a negative? I mean that would be like Canada proving it doesn't have nukes. How do you prove you don't have something? I mean apart from having every square inch of Iraqi sand probed simultaneously how the fuck are they suppose to prove that? Sure it's easy to prove you have something. Just whip it out and shoot a couple at whoever's questioning you about it, but proving a negative thats ridiculous. I mean if that's your reasoning you could accuse any country of making weapons, ask them to prove you otherwise (obviously it's impossible when they don't have any) and bam invade the shit out them as they couldn't prove you otherwise. What the hell kinda reason is that?

And another thing. Don't point fingers at others for disobeying a resolution. There are hundreds of resolutions the Americans and Isrealies would be in violation of if the Americans didn't have the veto power. I'm sure the Iraqi's wouldn't have ever violated a resolutions either (provided they were also given the magical veto power). Consider this, the States could nuke the shit out of Iran or Syria or N. Korea and then veto a resolution condemning the act. "Wow! thank goodness were not in violating of a resolution!"

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Good source of information (in video format)
by jojo on Thursday April 22, @05:53PM (#5835)
User #1677 Info
Go to:

Lots of stuff, so just browse around.

I particularly recommend stuff by Robert Fisk.

On the left, click on "Special Reports", then click on "Palestine Reports". There's a good 2002 talk by Mr. Fisk called "Counting the Costs".

Of course, there's also stuff on various topics, including terrorism... enjoy.
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Real source of information
by CADIMA on Saturday April 24, @09:50PM (#5872)
User #1941 Info
Now go to:

Lots to see and learn…
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Another View
by manyviews on Tuesday April 27, @07:32PM (#5935)
User #1984 Info
Now you can go to yet another site to learn "Truth"
And this too is interesting
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…and yet, another view
by CADIMA on Thursday April 29, @12:24PM (#5994)
User #1941 Info

This site shows how Israel the 100th Smallest Country, with less than 1/1000th of the world’s population”, has given so much to the world. More than we can say of some countries whose leaders get rich with its oil while their population live under poverty and distract the world and their own people by blaming Israel for all the problems in the region.
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