Removed for Further Study:
The Poetry of Tom Raworth

(The Gig 13/14, June 2003)

A 288pp perfectbound book of essays, uncollected writings by Raworth, and a detailed bibliography. Plus a bonus bookmark (with a text by Doug Lang).


Peter Middleton Silent Critique: Tom Raworth’s Early Books of Poetry
J. C. C. Mays Coming Off the Beano
Ken Edwards Misunderstanding Tom Raworth
Peter Robinson Tom Raworth and the Pop Art Explosion
Anselm Hollo

Two for Tom:

A Short Play

A Conversation with Gunnar Harding

David Ball Tracking the Fragments: Six Pages on “Six Days” and a Look Ahead
Tom Raworth Notebook (1971)
Claude Royet-Journoud Sur quelques titres de Tom Raworth (On a Few Titles of Tom Raworth) (trans. David Ball)
Simon Perril

“What Rhymes with Cow / and Starts with an N”: Tom Raworth’s Time and Motion Studies

Marjorie Perloff Filling the Space with Trace: “Letters from Yaddo”
John Wilkinson Tripping the Light Fantastic: Tom Raworth’s Ace
Tom Orange Notes for a Reading of Ace
Tom Raworth Sic Him Oltorf!! (1974)
Jonathan Skinner Lines That Go Bump in the Night: Writing
cris cheek Sky Tails: An Encryption of Dispersal
Fanny Howe Nausea
Robert Sheppard

“Whose Lives Does the Government Affect?”: Looking Back at West Wind

Tom Raworth

A Letter to Martin Stannard (1991)

Keith Tuma Collaborating with “Dark Senses”
Ian Davidson On “All Fours”
Ben Watson Tom Raworth, Gridlock Fragmentist: A Poet Turns to Collage
Ron Silliman Politics and Speed
Alan Munton Raworth’s Community of Readers: “Firewall”
Joan Retallack Geometries of a Meadow
Tom Raworth Atmosphere (1998)
Nate Dorward Tom Raworth: A Select Bibliography

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