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Desert Star Ranch, Borrego Springs

Desert Star Ranch, Borrego Springs

Our "flyer" for our desert property

This is a 67 acre low desert property located about 2 miles west of the airport near lovely but isolated Borrego Springs, Ca. There is an interesting solar energy history here but it is hard to explain to people just how $45 million dollars were spent between 1981 and 1987 and where did it all go?! This was once the site of the United Energy Corporation's photovoltaic solar energy generation and ethanol manufacturing effort. Sadly no electricity or ethanol was ever generated for the public benifit.
Our campground is a work in progress. We've saved the remains of the Ethanol "Still" and cleaned and restored that part of the property for a 25 space fenced campground. There are no hookups but picnic tables, fire tubs and portapotties are available.
Since we are away from city lights the stargazing, comet and meteor watching opportunities are almost unlimited! If you like to escape civilization for a few days, sit around the campfire, bring out your binoculars or telescopes, hear the stories of the indians and outlaws that we've researched...come join us!
County regulations will not allow us to be open continuously yet but we can accommodate large or small groups about once a month. Call us at 760-753-8022hm or 760-525-0076c. or email us at

Borrego Springs

This small little desert town was forgotten while Palm Springs got all the development, traffic and people. Borrego has no stoplights, no freeways and the airport is for private aircraft only. We are completely surrounded by the Anze Borrego State Park. Check out their website! If you don't mind some wind in your hair and you like to explore the unusual desert phenomena...come visit! Call us about the desert flowers! Let us give you some tips on where to go and what to see. If you are worried about the sometimes harsh weather conditions and what to us.
If you are worried about getting lost getting to us! We hope to see you! Stuart and Bonnie Resor

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