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Friday, November 7

It seems to be time for yet another update on the ICTA/Scott Paschal saga. This will have to be a long one to provide even a limited account of what has occured since the last update. But, I cannot escape the conclusion that it needs to be published.

Scott has been hired by the Palm Coast Tennis Club. According to Scott, he was hired as General Manager with responsibility for the whole range of the club's operations - including the tennis facilities. He says that he resigned at the end of August as a result of his distaste for the owner's business ethics.

The club has a different version...

They say that he was hired to attract new members and help with things like cleaning up the pool area and seeing that the site was cleaned and the grass mowed. He was paid $8.50 an hour which, they say, clearly indicates the level of his position. It was also intended that he should help to develop the restaurant but his lack of ability resulted in this being removed from his area of responsibility. He was not in charge of of the tennis facilities except to keep the courts clean. The Club did, in fact, have a contract with Peter Burwash International to run the tennis operations and its Director of Tennis was (and remains) Dave Neuhart. Scott described himself as an experienced tennis coach who could bring new programs, ideas and members to the club. He claimed to have been the Director of a Professional-level Tennis Academy since 1999 and to have been closely involved with the governing bodies of professional tennis. He claimed that he was in a position to use his influence to bring Davis Cup and Fed Cup matches to Palm Coast. He was hired to carry out the above tasks and to have an opportunity of demonstrating his ability to run the tennis facility. (It is not clear why the Club believed that such an apparently highly qualified person should want to take an $8.50 position, but what is known is that the Club is very much regretting not checking his background). In any case, the Club was prepared to consider him for a position of Director of Tennis when the PBI contract expired on September 1 if he was able to demonstrate his ability. According to the Club, he managed to bring in only one new member and succeeded in destroying relationships with most of the existing members who he antagonized and intimidated. The Club dismissed him before the end of his 90-day evaluation period. They did not receive any resignation from him and say that, in fact, Scott asked the owner of the Club to reconsider his dismissal. He refused.

While at the Club, Scott asked if he could start a tennis school. He was given permission - on the assumption that this would attract new membrs - but only if it had no religious connotations (by this time, the Club was aware of his ongoing connection with the ICTA). He - or rather Rachel and Melody (who had been hired to run the front desk at the Club) - subsequently started teaching at public courts nearby but used the Club facilities to recruit students and taught while being paid by the Club. This led to Rachel and Melody's departure along with Scott's.

The Club was also concerned at a growing number of dicrepancies in statements made by Scott. For example, he told one person that his grandfather had died when he was 17 - another that his father had died when he was 17 - and another that he had grown up without a father.

There were also a number of messages posted in this site's message board from Club members disturbed by Scott Paschal's attitiude and activities and reporting that he was alienating a large number of the Club's members.

More disturbingly, on being dismissed, a number of incidents at the Club led to the Police becoming involved and issuing 'non-trespass' orders against Scott. These have been described as restraining orders. They appear not to be - but for all practical purposes, amount to the same thing. If Scott comes onto the Club's property, he will be arrested.

While at Palm Coast, Scott continued to promote his "academy" and claimed to train 24 ATP/WTA players and "dozens of world-class juniors". No-one at Palm Coast saw any of these professional or junior players. Scott has since made statements that make this this claim obviously false.

It was also while Scott was at Palm Coast that I finally met with Joy Snelen - the Mother of Rachel and Melody. We had been corresponding for several months and she had described in graphic detail what she considered to be the "brain-washing", abduction and sexual exploitation of her teenage daughters by Mr Paschal. She desperately wanted to see him 'exposed' and 'punished'. As they were now over the age of consent and appeared to be in a willing partnership with Scott, I advised her that there was little that she could do. She had earlier became extremely upset at a public statement by Scott that she was or had been an abusive mother. She asked if she could visit me and present her story along with a lot of accumulated evidence that would support her innocence of such accusations and prove that it was Scott who was, in fact, the abuser. She wanted my assistance to take legal action against Scott.

When we met, Ms Snelen spent several hours detailing the history of Scott's association with her daughters. Basically, she claimed that he had become infatuated with them when they were 15-years old and he was working as a part-time coach at a Texas County club where they took lessons. He was, at that time, in his early 30's. She said that he was fired from his job and and then coached her daughters at public courts. She claimed that he 'poisoned their minds' against their parents and convinced them that their parents were trying to ruin their chances of a professional career and that they would only succeed in their career if they listened to him and not their parents. About a year later, he persuaded them to leave home and move into his apartment. She stated that they were bright, intelligent girls who excelled at tennis - being highly ranked junior players. After moving in with Scott, they became abusive and unpleasant and their tennis ability steadily deteriorated. She showed me court documents that showed that she had sued Scott and his former employer for damages as a result of his relationship with her daughters. The case had been dismissed when she failed to respond to a request for evidence by the Club and failed to serve the summons on Scott (as he had left the area with her daughters).

After listening to her story, reviewing the numerous documents she brought with her and asking a lot of questions, I advised her that her best course of action was to put all thoughts of 'vengeance' and legal action out of her mind and recognize that all the evidence was that her daughters were doing exactly as they chose and were not being held against their will or being made to do anything other than what they freely chose to do. She did not much like my advice and initiated another discussion from which some very disturbing history emerged. I will not go into the details but did come to the conclusion that her daughters had, indeed, been subjected to abuse in their upbringing. I strongly advised her to seek a meeting with her daughters and let them know that she wanted to seek their understanding of the past and work towards a reconciliation. I told her that her public condemnation and pursuit of vengeance against Scott would only make it more difficult for her to persuade her daughters that she was concerned for their welfare. We later parted on amicable terms and she left with me further documents for me to review in the 'hope' that it would persuade me of Scott's "evilness" and the need for action to be taken against him. She claimed that he had taken many thousands of dollars from people claiming that it was for religious causes but, in fact, paid his personal bills. She had no documentary evidence but said she could obtain it. I advised her that it might be more advisable for her to 'use'  her knowledge to persuade Scott to 'mend his ways' and act responsibly in the future. Failing to use the information could also help to persuade her daughters that she was not seeking to harm someone that they apparently saw as a friend and mentor and that this could assist in effecting a reconciliation.

I was later advised by a friend of hers who had accompanied her when she visited me that, instead of returning home, they had gone to Palm Coast the following day and Ms Snelen had met one of her daughters. The meeting had resulted in a loud argument and they had to be separated by Ms. Snelen's friend. Ms Snelen later told me that she thought that some progress had been made in persuading her daughter that she was more of a friend than Scott... I heard from others that Ms Snelen had appeared to be "very disturbed" and had, at one point, fallen into a fountain at the club.

However, it seems as though further attempts at a reconciliation were more successful. A few weeks later, Ms Snelen posted a message on this site's message board - containing substantial errors of fact - but suggesting that she had been used as a reluctant pawn in MY pursuit of Scott Paschal and, in fact, was his supporter...!

I have considered removing all of the correspondence from the message board on this site relating to Scott Paschal and the ICTA as it is used by a variety of freaks to direct abuse at Scott Paschal. As much as I believe he deserves objective criticism, no-one deserves childish abuse and ridicule which only undermines serious evaluation of the facts of this matter.
In case I do so, and in fairness to Ms Snelen, I will include the full text of her message here:

  Much has been discussed on this message board in regard to what's fictional or fact with issues related to the agenda and validity of the ICTA.

Perhaps we need to evaluate or analyze what's factual or fiction in regard to the intentions of Jeff Davies in having provided his message board as a forum for criticism of Scott Paschal and the ICTA.

Is Jeff Davies truly an objective outsider only interested in the welfare of those in the tennis community---or the purely selfless concern of the safety of young people under the tutelage of a tennis organization with "Christian" in it's name?
Maybe it's time for us to be more objective ourselves when we consider Jeff Davies.

Last year when I first discovered one of Jeff Davies' websites, I read a posting in which he berated the need for or purpose of a tennis organization that was a fellowship of athletes who not only loved tennis, but shared a common faith in Christ which motivated them to strive towards athletic excellence. I responded to his analysis by voicing understanding and support of such an organization. The founder of the ICTA, Scott Paschal, and I had many differences of perspective and opinion---much of this due to my being a Mother, older than Scott- whose tennis knowledge, devotion and convictions sometimes conflicted with my own. However, I knew enough about the focus of such an endeavor, to understand the positive benefits that a faith based organization could achieve. The ICTA basically served to encourage discipline, devotion, and had a worthy purpose for young people who delighted in the incomparable enjoyment of tennis.

My interest in the ICTA was profoundly personal and while my convictions were of a nature that I could not approve of many of Scott Paschal's decisions, much of his pursuits were beneficial --and therefore, I saw no reason or value to continue any covert attempts to pursue actions that would diminish the validity or effectiveness of the ICTA.

However, while indicating support of the ICTA in my postings to tennis message boards, I also introduced questions and considerations from the perspective of a concerned parent that I sincerely at the time believed deserved attention.
Although my concerns were not adequately addressed, I was secure in the knowledge that the intention of the ICTA was to become a positive influence in the tennis community and had a sincere and worthy purpose.

My initial questions and concerns resurfaced in April of this year when I was introduced to an article posted on the website which questioned the validity of the ICTA as being fact or fiction. The arguments were convincing and disturbing enough for me to have a renewed interest which motivated me to want to respond. Although my personal connections with the ICTA had never severed, my differences in opinion with Scott Paschal did not warrant any regular communication or involvement with his activities other than checking updates on the ICTA website.

However, ignorance is not always "bliss"--as the saying goes. What we don't know CAN hurt us. The "Fact or Fiction" article and additional banter between those debating the ICTA concept and Scott's integrity, convincingly portrayed to me a potentially harmful organization with a modus operandum inconsistent with Christian principles. In response, I wrote passionate compositions to post on this website encouraging awareness and pursuit of holding Scott Paschal and the ICTA accountable. REGRETTABLY, I accepted all as "fact" what Jeff Davies had presented in the ICTA article---when I should have at least considered the POSSIBILITY that interwoven between the words was perhaps a fictional element as well.

My motivation for what I deemed "justice" was fueled by what possibly could be considered exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims on the ICTA website. But, even Jeff Davies mentioned that all of us are guilty at times of magnifying our accomplishments or embellishing actualities to elevate our esteem amongst peers. Frankly, I must admit that it could be a valid argument that the ICTA was misleading when listing membership accountability---but, as athletes---not writers--they willingly admit to being inadequate when trying to express through the written word objectives and purposes with clarity and complete understanding. However, to their credit, they were certainly responsive in recognizing the need to remove any misleading or questionable or braggadocious revelations from their website. They have demonstrated how they are more than willing to grow and learn from their errors in judgment.

Because of my sincere desire to help anyone seemingly "misled" by the ICTA, I not only created several postings to the message board, but I also began correspondence with Jeff Davies because I truly believed he was being objective in his analysis of the situation, understanding of my personal interest and desired a positive resolution. TRAGICALLY, I never questioned whether his motives and "concern" were indeed, "fact" or "fiction." I was emotionally involved because of my personal association with the ICTA----and unfortunately, emotional turmoil often clouds our vision----so much so that we don't see clearly things as they really are to the extent that we are able to accurately determine what is "fact" --and what is basically "fiction."

I assumed Jeff Davies had become my "friend"---interested in "justice." ---genuinely concerned with the welfare of those at the Players Club and those involved with the ICTA. He cultivated my trust so much that I willingly provided him with confidential information that would aid in his "worthy" cause........... However, recently I met with Jeff Davies who had initiated such an encounter because he wanted to "help" me. It had been implicated that I was a "child abuser" and Jeff Davies convinced me that I could put a stop to these false allegations with HIS help----accusations that he indicated to me had been instigated by Scott.

In the course of the conversation at our meeting, the question was asked of him as to what he would do if he stood before God. His reply was that he "would slap HIM in the face." Now the existence of God is not just a vital truth in the Christian community, but His reality is acknowledged with nearly all people of faith. How can someone with such a low and disrespectful attitude towards the One who encompasses the whole of creation and foundation of purposeful life---be TRUSTED to be objective to determine what could be fact or fiction with ANY controversial issue. This revelation resulted in my beginning to question Jeff Davies' agenda in pursuing Scott Paschal and the International Christian Tennis Association----as well as his TRUE motivation in cultivating my trust so much that I shared personal letters and items to" help" in his pursuit of "justice."

Because those with deep convictions---especially one's who identify themselves as Christians,---are so anxious for others to enjoy this wonderful hope of our faith, we are known to enthusiastically trust and believe in others---and--often do so at the expense of NOT being as discerning of character as we should be. When the TRUE character of Jeff Davies eventually became evident, I began to analyze more critically just what about him was "Fact" and what was "Fiction."

Subsequently, I decided NOT to be a part of his "case" against Scott Paschal and the ICTA. I seriously questioned his true motives and saw no positive benefit of his questionable pursuit of "justice."

I made it clear that I wanted NO part of what he suggested I do. Jeff Davies angrily reacted and when I asked that my personal items be returned, he has refused to do so. Personally, I now feel threatened by him as he seems to want me to somehow "pay" for disagreeing with him.

Understandably, I now urge everyone to seriously reconsider the nature of Jeff's revelations of Scott Paschal and the ICTA-----as INDEED being far more FICTIONAL than fact.

As previously mentioned, I am personally and emotionally involved with the ICTA. My name is Mrs. Joy Snelen, I am the Mother of Rachel Snelen and Melody Snelen. What I CAN verify as absolute fact is that Melody and Rachel are enthusiastic associates of Scott Paschal in the ICTA and are pursuing worthy goals they established years ago----to be the best they can be in tennis careers as a testimony of God's greatness, light and love. Scott Paschal is their mentor and friend and that is the extent of their relationship. As their Mother, I can also state absolutely as fact that I am extremely happy for them and admire them as they sacrificially strive towards building an enriching and rewarding life of service to others--and, I am very proud of their notable achievements and competitive and determined spirit in the midst of seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

Now, it is also a fact that Christians are not perfect---just forgiven---which of course includes myself, my daughters, Scott Paschal and others involved with the ICTA. We are all growing in wisdom each day---we have each made mistakes, erred in judgment, and fallen short in the proper reaction to conflict.

But every challenging experience is moving all of us---and the ICTA in a positive direction that truly can result in a remarkable difference amongst those with whom we share our lives---as we fulfill our personal goals and serve in the tennis community.


Finally, my days of contributing to message boards have ended.

If you want to contact me in response to this message,my phone number is 817-478-3333. However, keep in mind that all calls will be recorded---as I've learned the hard way that in trusting in the untrustworthy, I could jeopardize the well being of those I care about the most and must do all to guard against these threats. It's tragic that now I must work to protect myself from Jeff Davies. However, in spite of this, I truly wish him the best in all of his endeavors----for Christians--and all those who love God---really DO love our enemies --(while at the same time doing all we can to prevent their attempts to do us harm).

To put this into perspective, I replied:

  I suppose that I have to respond to this nonsense.

I am very reluctant to do so. Why? A proper response would have to involve people who I am still not sure should be subjected to the public disclosure of personal information.

So my response will be somewhat restricted.

The substance of her complaint seems to be that I am not a Christian. I am not. She knew this before she asked to visit me to help her in her 'pursuit' of Scott Paschal. We had a long discussion about my faith - or lack of it - when she visited me. I thought I had made it clear that I firmly believe that faith in God is of considerate benefit to a considerable number of people and that I am NOT anti-religion or anti-faith in a personal God. But I am NOT willing to say that Christianity is the ONLY way to discover a faith in a God. Unlike Ms. Snelen, I believe that Buddhists and Muslims are equally entitled to the pursuit of their faith. She believes that they are 'blind' and 'stupid' and headed straight for an eternity in hell. I disagree.

When I was initially contacted by the ICTA to promote them, I objected to their stated objectives of using tennis to convert to Christianity every young person they could come into contact with. My views on this subject have been clearly stated on this site at Ms. Snelen knew them before visiting me. I remain convinced that tennis should be free of ALL consideration of a person's color, race or religion.

But, what I particularly despise is the use of religion or faith (of ANY kind) for the pursuit of a personal agenda. Ms. Snelen has stated numerous times in correspondence that Scott Paschal is an abuser of children and has no faith in any God. She has called him Satan (and many other derogatory terms) in numerous messages both to me and to him. Her stated objective in visiting me was to gain my assistance in "destroying him" and building a legal case against him that would put him in jail. She felt that, once her daughters were released from his influence, they would see that their allegations of abuse against their mother were merely the result of brainwashing by Scott Paschal.

We spent several hours reviewing the history of this very sad situation. At its conclusion, I advised her against pursuing any case - legal or otherwise - against Scott Paschal. A previous legal complaint against him brought by Ms. Snelen had been dismissed becuase of her failure to serve the respondents or respond to notices.

I advised her to consider very carefully whether pursuing action against him was in the interests of her children. I suggested that all of the evidence was that they were doing exactly what they wanted to do and had made a very concious decision to join with Scott Paschal and remain with him. I asked her to consider whether her children would thank her for putting Scott in jail. She was VERY insistent that they were brainwashed, that they did not know what they were doing and that Scott had convinced them to believe lies about her so he could convince them to go to live with him for his own purposes. I told her that, even from the evidence she had provided, their complaints began before they came into contact with Scott and that he might have capitalized on them but it did not seem as though he had created them. But my advice was predominantly based on my belief that she would only damage the possibility of a reconciliation with her daughters if they blamed her for his downfall. I also told her that she should consider that they were so closely allied with Scott that his downfall would also be their downfall. She said she was convinced that they would be better off away from his evil influence no matter what the cost.

I felt - and feel - that her daughters need to make their own decisions about their own future.

Ms. Snelen said she was disappointed and wanted me to reconsider. She gave me a lot of material and asked me to review it and felt that I would come to a different conclusion after I had done so. So far, my opinion has been strengthened by what I have reviewed. She told me to use it as I felt fit. I intend to.

Ms. Snelen now states that her discussions with me made her decide that she did not want to be part of "my" case against Scott Paschal and that she feels "threatened" by me. That is hard to reconcile with her providing me with so much material to review as she left. It is also hard to reconcile with her message 2 days later that included:

"I just finished recording scott's and Rachel's messages. scott says that he has three other tennis centers and major offers..."

Later she wrote in separate message:

"Before going any further, I wanted to thank you again for giving so much of your time, insight, expertise, and talents to talk so long and wade through the issues leading up to this travesty. Linda related to me what you had talked about and I realize that I can't do anything more..."

So, I am extremely happy that Ms. Snelen seems to have taken my advice and to support her daughters - and even her 'Satan' himself if that helps to convince her daughters that she truly loves them. Perhaps she even does....

And me? I have no interest in destroying anyone's lives. I have no interest in destroying Scott Paschal. If he develops a bona fide academy and stops the lies and false claims, then I will cease to take any interest in him and devote my time to more productive demands on my time.

However, I will NOT ignore the potential dangers to others of a person who has been proven to have lied about practically every aspect of his involvement with tennis controlling. That this person has demonstrated a proponsity to control the lives of innocent youngsters; insist that they live with him and leave their school and be 'schooled' by him causes me to be concerned. I will make no apologies for pursuing this concern and not taking the easy way out by closing my eyes and "passing by on the other side" as the good, religious folks of the parable of the good Samaritan did. I would much prefer to be likened with the religious outcast - the Samaritan - than ignore the potential plight of innocent children.

If I did not know more of this story, I might feel sorry for Ms. Snelen's confusion about how to deal with her current difficult situation.

The offer of a one-on-one public debate on this site remains open and I look forward to this issue being resolved either by Scott Paschal's participation and providing evidence of his claims - or simply becoming a responsible and trustworthy person. I'll be satisfied either way....


Not surprisingly, Scott Paschall used Ms Snelen's 'conversion' as evidence of his credibility and of my 'Satanic' agenda.
Ms Snelen's messages was repeatedly posted - with some variations - and I finally responded:

  Ms Snelen seems confused - very confused.

I'm not sure why she should want to continue to post these rambling and disturbing messages. If she has truly been born again as a Scott Paschal supporter, I would have thought that she would have recognized that everyone else had no further interest in him as a subject and had moved on to more interesting topics.

However, for reasons best known to herself, Ms Snelen seems intent on keeping this truly bizarre topic alive and to make further false accusations.

I now feel that I need to respond.

Ms Snelen wrote very extensively to me over a lengthy period of time and begged for my assistance in "rescuing" her daughters from Mr Paschal. She forwarded a large amount of messages between herself and Mr Paschal to support her allegations. She appeared very distraught - and became particularly so when she was accused by Mr Paschal of being an abusive mother. She told me she had sued him unsuccessfully and asked for my help in taking further action. I finally agreed to meet her. She then gave me more information.

I am reluctant to do so but now believe it is necessary to remind Ms Snelen how she expressed her feelings about Mr Paschal - prior to her being 'corrupted' by my agenda.

In just one (of many) message she used the following expressions to refer to Mr Paschal:

"Proven, pathological. psychotic liar. You steal. You lie. You are abusing, perverted and self-gratifying. Your SICK obsession. Your twisted psychology and false claims - like a CULT leader. YOU steal cars - all the time. You have no credentials, no training, no tennis players. You LIE constantly. You have a lifestyle of lying.. You are very, very, very, very STUPID and PSYCHOTIC. You are stupid but sure good at fooling people for a while - of deceiving - of claiming to be a Christian to get what you want. You lying coward. ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD BELIEVE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY - YOU ARE A LOSER, AN INDISPUTABLE LIAR, A THIEF, EVIL PERSONIFIED! When I was watching terrorists, I saw the very same look in their eyes that YOU have in yours - the same twisted thinking. A psychotic, demon-filled pervert. Characteristics of cult leaders, terrorists, perverts - the shoe sure fits YOU. I have made many people aware of your threats so if something happens to us, you will be the first suspect. If it takes your hiring hit men to take care of us ... then I would GLADLY die."

The letter ends, "Think about it creep, pervert, liar, pedophile, abuser, theif [sic]."

I may have been suspicious of Mr Paschal and questioned some of his claims and actions - but what I read and heard when visited by Ms Snelen and her friend convinced me that I did not want to be associated with her objectives. I told her to consider very carefully what was in her best interests and those of her daughters.

My decision has clearly not pleased Ms Snelen - who now seems to want to somehow attribute her previous ill-feelings about Mr Paschal to my influence and my agenda. The fact is that I refused to assist her in action against Mr Paschal. The message from which I have quoted was written long before Ms Snelen first contacted me and asked for my help and should put that accusation into a proper perspective.

In fairness to Mr Paschal, I should mention that I have also seen a 'sample' of messages from him to Ms Snelen. She has clearly been selective in what she has provided. He has, at times, had some equally damning things to say about Ms Snelen. For example, he described the Snelen home as "disgusting pornographic, drug infested, theft ridden, ... abusive environment" Also in fairness, he also appears to have made efforts to effect a reconciliation between Ms Snelen and her daughters...

There are wide differences in their allegations and I have no idea what is true and what is not. I have repeated some of Ms Snelen's allegations only to counter her allegations against me. I will gladly make no further comment.

The fact is that Rachel and Melody have demonstrated a preference to be with Mr Paschal - as coach, friend or whatever. Ms Snelen alleges taht they are being held against their will and have been "brain-washed" by a cult leader. As far as I can tell, their being with Mr Paschal is entirely the result of a voluntary decision. Ms Snelen has been particularly upset with this assessment. However, they are adults and morally and legally entitled to make their own decisions about their lives. I truly hope that Ms Snelen is able to recognize that reality and that her current attitude may evolve into an ability to forgive whoever she believes may have offended her - and move on.

I made the statement when Scott Paschal and 'the girls' obtained employment at Palm Coast that I hoped it would prove to be an opportunity for a new start. That has not materialized and fresh controversy has surrounded both their tenure and their departure. I sincerely hope that there will be a new opportunity which will provide some stability and responsibility for them.

A lot of people have provided information about the 'past lives' of the various people in this story. I would prefer to let them gather dust than see a reason to resurrect them. This reluctant response therefore ends my involvement with this discussion. I hope it also ends everyone else's desire for it to continue. There is surely enough material already. And there are certainly more intereesting topics.


By a remarkable co-incidence, while Ms Snelen was at my home, I received a call from Caroline Nakata, the head of the Chang Family Foundation. I had had some correspondence with them as a result of a specific claim by Scott that he and Michael and Carl Chang were developing a joint project for a Christian tennis academy and ministry. I felt that this claim was so specific that it gave an opportunity for Scott's credibility to be determined. I had previously been advised by the Foundation that none of the Chang family were involved with Scott Paschal or the ICTA. Scott claimed that they were simply being protective of the family business and that they were hardly going to reveal such confidential details to an 'outsider'. He gave details of a 'meeting' between himself and the Changs at a Texas college which, he said, had led to the development of the project. I relayed this further information to the Chang family. Carl Chang remembered being approached at a college tennis event in circumstances similar to those described by Scott and remembered someone who could have been Scott talking about his plans for a tennis ministry. However, that is where their stories diverge. Scott claims that there had been an agreement to develop a joint venture and had been extensive continuing discussions in preparation for a joint announcement and launch "in late 2003 at the time of Michael's retirement". Carl said he listened politely and likened it to one of hundreds of such discussions he has with numerous people at tournaments who see some benefit to some kind of association with the Changs. He denied that there was any discussion about a joint venture; any interest in a joint venture or any further contact between him and Scott. Scott's version was described as "untrue".

So what has happened since Scott's departure from the Palm Coast Club?

There have been some interesting revelations and even some frank admissions:

Scott has described the owner of the Club as a liar and "bullshit artist" (but an "inseparable" friend..!). He has also described how similar they are - as they both shared a common problem: "differentiating between knowing how to lead people with visions and ideas versus bullshit and exaggerated garbage". He says that meeting the Club owner made him realize that he was "as bad as him" and that is what prompted him to resign - and evaluate himself as a person.

He describes how shocked and hurt the Club owner was at his resignation as he had considered his functioning as GM of the Club to have been "way beyond his expectations...". The Club insists the owner ordered his dismissal for incompetence.

Of particular interest is the fact that Scott has finally admitted that his website and claims of academies and achievements were exaggerations. He explains that it was to protect Rachel and Melody from a mother who was a liar and "out to destroy her kids" and destroy Scott because he had taken them in to "his academy" and given them protection.
He is a little vague about how inventing tennis academies and extreme achievements on a public web site was a defense against Ms Snelen who appears to have made little public comment, but it appears that his rationale is that he could counter her accusations of abuse and self-interest by inventing an imaginary successful environment in which they were involved and helped develop. The claims seemed to have become somewhat extreme for such a limited purpose  -350,000+ members; academies wordwide; 25 top ATP/WTA players coached; ownerships of several sports ministries, a new car dealership, a sporting goods business and a 30 court facility in Florida' etc. etc (see His claim to be an ordained minister also remains unverified.

So where is Scott now?

Apparently, he frequents some public courts in Palm Coast with the twins and a "couple of local kids". This is apparently where he was when he applied for the job at Palm Coast. He says that Ms Snelen is "undergoing counseling and is finally admitting to a life of lies and that a relationship is developing between her and her daughters". There are rumors that they are now all living together.

Even though the reason for the exaggerated claims now seems to no longer exist, he continues to make them on behalf of the twins - and recently wrote about them "traveling worldwide playing in pro events". I can not find any pro tournament that lists either of them as competitors. It is unclear whether such claims are designed to enhance their status or his. Either way, the fact that they are verifiably false destroys the credibility of all of them.

And Scott's "academy"?

Scott has stated that he is "researching acreage to buy to build an academy".

He has said that he had been recruited by another facility before leaving the Club.

He has claimed that he has taken over the rights to use a new facility to operate as an independent business for 5 years at which time he will have the opportunity to purchase it.

He also claims:

  I am still in town for the most part. I really love Palm Coast. We will build a tennis academy here. It will be a tennis academy first and then a tennis facility for membership when courts are available. The academy students will workout between 10am and noon, then again from 3pm till 5pm M-F. We will have 6 hardcourts, 4 claycourts, a pro shop, pool, and fitness center.
I'll build my house on property and will add rooms for students as needed. We will be able to build this tennis academy debt free. Membership $ will pay for student scholarships.

He has also admitted that he only has access to some public courts in Palm Coast...

In fact, I think it will be useful to relate the full content of these messages that were posted on the message board.
First, a request from me for some evidence of honesty:

  Well. I for one would like a little basic honesty and see some evidence that can establish the truth of this whole situation...

Were there agreements between Scott and the Club? Was he the general manager or was he hired to sell memberships? Did Scott resign or was he fired? Is there a restraining order or a no-trespass warning? Does he have an academy as described on the October 3 update to the ICTA website?

The Palm Coast club provided Scott with whatever credibility he possesses by hiring him. Scott says he was the general manager. The club says he was not. I think that they should now set the record straight and clarify exactly what happened so that we can all learn the truth instead of enduring all this gossip and stupidity about puppets and other nonsense.

Lets have the facts on both sides out in the open for everyone to see and then we can make a sensible evaluation and move on the other topics. Scott has accused Linda of lying and has invited her to supply information to clarify the truth. Linda is, therefore, clearly not bound by any restrictions of confidentiiality and shoudl respond.

This nonsense only remains an issue because no-one knows the truth and can speculate indefinitely. So, Scott, Linda, Peter, Dave, etc. lets hear the truth and end this nonsense...


A response from Scott

  As for evidence for Jeff.

The evidence is the twins are healthy, happy, and have began developing a relationship with their mother. The mother is appologising for years of lies and they are beginning to build a trust. Three years ago the twins moved into my academy fulltime and were able to escape a horrible homelife. Now they are healthy and happy and travel all over the world playing pro tennis qualifiers, coaching junior players, and being Christian tennis missionaries.

I have appologised to Phil because I felt he deserved it. I was only waiting for the twin's mother to do the right thing. Once she did, I let Phil know I did use my website and emails to protect the twins by making ICTA seem bigger than it was. It was the right thing to do, but it was wrong.

I want the members of the PTC to know I am sorry I seemed to have left so suddenly. I made my final decision while at the US OPEN, but had been recruited by another facility in July. I was ready to be happy again. Making money for the PTC owners was not where I wanted to spend my prime. I want to be with pure tennis ownership. I want owners who live and breath this sport. Forget building a rediculous restaurant and a realtor agency in my pro shop! Give me new clay courts and better pros!

I am still in town for the most part. I really love Palm Coast. We will build a tennis academy here. It will be a tennis academy first and then a tennis facility for membership when courts are available. The academy students will workout between 10am and noon, then again from 3pm till 5pm M-F. We will have 6 hardcourts, 4 claycourts, a pro shop, pool, and fitness center.
I'll build my house on property and will add rooms for students as needed. We will be able to build this tennis academy debt free. Membership $ will pay for student scholarships.

Feel free to contact me at 817 239 3185 or email to

I want your PTC to be a success. I know how much many of you love the club. I love that place, too. I have chosen to be quiet right now because I do not want to do anything to endanger the welfare of the PTC's future. I had written a 4 page letter detailing what I disagreed with about the ownership's business ethics, treatment of members and employees, integrity, and direction of the club. I decided it would not help the PTC be successful if I mailed it to each of you. I think it would make you very upset and feel even more insecure about the ownership than you already do. And whenever I drive by and see that unneeded van, stupid boat in the parking lot, and nothing being done at all towards building the new rental property...I decided it is better for me to be quiet. You guys have had it hard enough and still are having it hard.

I hope this letter helps. It should be posted on Sunday. Contact me if you have any questions and let me know what I can do to help you make the PTC a successful AND happy place. I will do anything I can.

Take care, Scotty
817 239 3185

A reply from me:

  As always, I am very confused about 'evidence' from Scott Paschal...

In the same message he says he loves Peter and thinks he is a 'great guy' but resigned because he cannot tolerate his ethics, treatment of people and lack of integrity. Just how is an unethical, abuser of people without integrity a great guy?

He says he was hired by another facility in July but decided to leave hurriedly in August. He does not name the 'other facility' but the evidence seems to be that he is still lurking in Palm Coast at public courts. Is this the 'other facility' that hired him?

He apologises for leaving so suddenly. The club insists he had no choice and was fired without notice and warned not to set foot on the property thereafter (a warning that was backed up with legal process).

Scott says he has decided to be quiet and not say anything to harm the club's future but spends the rest of this paragraph talking about a 4 page letter that, if circulated, would convince the membership that its owner is unethical and that the members' investment in the club is insecure. That is being quiet..?

He apologises for lying about the ICTA being 'bigger than it was' and says it was to protect the twins. I would like to hear how falsely claiming to have academies worldwide, car dealerships, sports stores and 350,000 members protected the twins from their mother...

Now he is building an academy (and his own house) with 6 hardcourts, 4 claycourts, pool, etc. and doing so without debt. I seem to have heard stories about academies before... I would like the address of this new development, a copy of the deed and the name of the architect and contractor before putting any more faith in this story than in all of the others (and there are many others) which are more about repossessed cars and unpaid rent than the means to constuct a tennis facility without outside financing.

And he seems to even have difficulty with the reality of the twins tennis careers. He states that they are 'now' traveling the world playing tennis, etc. Let's have the details, Scott. I am happy that they are reunited with their mother - but we didn't need the details of the 'horrible home life' and years of lies. And, if honesty is now going to be part of the Paschal agenda let's be clear that they moved into your apartment rather than your 'academy'.

Scott, you have admitted to a pattern of lies and deception in the past. You have the potential for doing good - and a responsibility to the twins who rely on you to help them develop responsible and credible careers. It's time for the lies to stop and for you to accept that humble circumstances do not make you a failure - quite the opposite, they can make you a role model who can be proud to make the most of what you currently have. I grew up in a house that cost $400 (that's total, not per month...), had no electricity and gas lighting, a hand-cranked pump for water, a toilet at the end of the yard and a once-a-week bath in water used by my parents before I got a turn in a metal bathtub that hung on an outside wall for the rest of the week. I had to leave school on my 15th birthday and clean railroad engines to contribute to the family income...

There is no shame in teaching kids to play tennis on public courts. To me, success is not measured in terms of how many courts and how many pools or fitness centers you have. Credibility comes from integrity and you have all that you need right now to develop both.


Finally, from Scott


The tennis academy will be built debt free. We will raise donations and build without borrowing a penny. The location is not known. There is no architect at all, do deed, nothing...! Just a dream from a dreamer who has faith. And a plan.

I was not hired by another facility in July. I was being recruited. Yes, I am still living in Palm Coast. We hit at any available court we can find. The parks here are very nice. My 3 fulltime students have hit at public courts with me for over 4 years.

Was I fired or did I quit? Seems to depend on who you ask nowadays. Desn't matter, really. You decide, Jeff.

Peter hired me and taught me many things I didn't know about business. I appreciate that. I watched him adore his daughter. I know how much he missed his Dad when he went back to Germany. I was with him as he would gaze around the club courts from the bleachers in the evening and say, "Man, this is a nice club." I could write 4 pages of why Peter is a great guy, too.

The main thing that was important to me that I had a problem with was how much of myself I saw in Peter. If I was a pure business guy, Peter would have been a great fit for me. If I wanted a lot of money and had no conscience, my job as GM under Peter was THE job. He has a do anything and say anything to win mentality. He can do the impossible. But the expense was too high for me. I began to see where I had much the same attitude as Peter. I began to see what I needed to change about myself. I started to not like who I was. Looking at Peter every day made me realize I did not want to go that way with my life and I had to begin a radical change right then. If the ICTA was to become an integrity filled ministry, I had a ton of work to do on SP. I visited with some friends I trust while at the US Open. Then, came home and quit my old life. I do not want one person to ever see me as I had come to see myself in Peter. I was a jerk who needed a lot of work. I now know exactly why God had me work at the PTC.

The last two months, I have been intensely working on developing new habits and learning new things about being the person I truly want to be. I have some friends who I've asked to mentor me and tell me when I'm being an idiot. And I can tell you, two months of this isn't long enough! This really takes work and I am just starting. It can be tough to find out you are an idiot.

The 4 page letter I wrote to the members I have decided to leave in the drawer. Mailing it would be wrong right now. I love that club and care about the members. I worked hard to turn the club around. I care about Dave and his family. I wrote the letter in an angry frame of mind, when I should have written it in a thankful way. I am glad I did not send it.

My phone number is 817 239 3185 and my email is

I want to thank you guys for being patient and understanding with me as I work to improve myself. I've fought hard since my dad committed suicide on my 17th birthday to learn how to become a man. I'm still figuring life out even to this day. What I do know is I will work as hard as I can at what I know to work on and I will look for any and all help to see those things I haven't been able to see.

817 239 3185

For a real indication of whether Scott has become the person that he says he wants to become and has committed himself to a future life of honesty and integrity, we can turn to the ICTA website - which has been infrequently available for the past few months while, according to Scott, it is being rebuilt by a professional design company - and to include webcams so that the "worldwide ICTA academies" can better communicate with each other ....)

Scott was fired (or resigned) from Palm Coast on August 26.
Since then according to his own admission, he has been restricted to public courts.
However, on October 3, the ICTA posted a new update on its website (http:

  New ICTA World Class Tennis Academy:

The ICTA has negotiated to bring you one of the best tennis facilities in the world.  ICTA founder, Scott Paschal, will own the management rights to this worldclass tennis facility.  Our academy students will have 12 hard courts, 8 clay courts, and 2 grass courts to train on!  Combine this with onsite condominiums w/ kitchens, a  swimming pool, pro shop services, horseback riding, and a lake... we have one of the best locations in the world.

Our new tennis academy is developing a website.  To visit our current webpage with basic information, click here.

The goal of the ICTAcademy is to develop top level professional tennis players in a Christian environment.  We do this through hard work and a long term development plan for each student accepted into the academy.

Upcoming Tennis Academy Facilities:

1.  Supervised on site condos w/ kitchens.
2.  18 hard courts
3.  6 clay courts
4.  2 grass courts
5.  Pro shop services
6.  Swimming pool
7.  Ball machines
8.  Restaurant
9.  Meeting rooms
10.  Lake activities
11.  Horseback riding
12.  Cookout grill
13.  Game room
14.  Ping pong
15.  Fitness center


Each player accepted into the ICTAcademy will have a full service, long term plan of tennis development which includes:

1.  15 hrs per week on court drills.
2.  5 hrs per week tennis specific fitness and strength training.
3.  10 hrs per week match play.
4.  2 hrs per week nutrition training.
5.  Daily mental fitness and focus training.
6.  Study of pro matches.
7.  Tournament schedule which includes USTA Florida, USTA National, USTA Supernational, ITF junior and   ITF professional men's and women's events.
8.  Available private lesson for academy students.

Please note:  It is important for prospective students to understand that this tennis academy is focused on developing professional tennis players.  As a Christian tennis academy, our coaches have a goal of developing players who can reach the top levels of the game and be an example to others.  We do not focus on selling our product to you.  We are not professional business marketers!  Nor do we babysit.  We focus 100% on developing our players' tennis skills to compete on the USTA and ITF professional level.  We do this in a Christian environment whereas a typical world class tennis academy does not.  Students are free to share their faith in God and participate in Christian mission trips worldwide.  The ICTAcademy is a nondenominational Christian academy.


Fees for partime training or fulltime training with room and board rates are yet to be determined.  Past rates for these services began at $399 per week and ended at $699 per week.  New rates will be posted soon.

bulletScholarships have been available for qualified students. 
bulletJobs will be available for selected students.
bulletHomeschooling options for academy students will be posted soon.

For more info, contact  Or call 817 239 3185


I find it very difficult to interpret this update as anything other than the deliberate promotion of false information.

It is clearly intended to recruit kids to a non-existent academy that falsely claims to offer facilities and programs that are pure fiction. To charge fees of $399 - $699 per week for facilities and programs that do not exist is fraudulent.

If this is the way in which Scott intends to demonstrate his integrity, then he has a VERY long way to go...

[and just in case my motives for these reports are questioned, I will remove every word just as soon as Scott
demonstrates consistent integrity and children are no longer being exposed to false promises]