[Image of the Member] Assembly Member
Jerome Horton

51st  Assembly District

District Address
One Manchester Boulevard
Suite 601
Inglewood, CA 90301
Phone: (310) 412-6400
Fax: (310) 412-6354

Capitol Address
P.O. Box 942849
Room 2163
Sacramento, CA 94249-0051
Phone: (916) 319-2051


  • Committee on Governmental Organization
  • Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media
  • Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials
  • Committee on Utilities and Commerce

  • Biography

    Jerome E. Horton was first elected to the California State Assembly in November 2000 to serve the constituents of the 51st Assembly District. With ease, he won re-election and was sworn into office in December 2002, to serve his second term. In the 51st district, Assemblymember Horton represents Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox, Lawndale, West Athens, Del Aire, Alondra Park, Gardena, West Compton and Playa Vista.         

    Working for the people of the State of California is not new for Assemblymember Horton. Prior to joining the California State Assembly, he worked for the State Board of Equalization for over 20 years. In this capacity, he specialized in business tax law and auditing, frequently lecturing to civic groups and business municipalities on tax-saving mechanisms. Mr. Horton also served as the Legislative Deputy and Business Tax Advisor for the 3rd District of the Board of Equalization. His background in business tax law and the fourteen years of experience he gained in the field of real estate sales and investments proves to be of extreme benefit to his constituents.         

    Mr. Horton strongly believes that power is measured by one's ability to empower others. This philosophy drives the many community outreach projects he has initiated in the 51st district. Economic development seminars, mentoring high school students, and health care for every child are among the many programs he has implemented as Assemblymember. He is the founder of the African-American Leadership Development Program which targets outstanding African-American youth throughout the state and enables them to participate in a weeklong training program that includes instruction in leadership techniques, critical thinking, operating within corporate America, and links them with members of the legislature as mentors. These outreach programs provide vital information, hands-on assistance and critical guidance to communities in his district as well as throughout the state of California.         

    In 2004 Mr. Horton has created an economic stimulus package that seeks to partner with business and promote their development. His legislation proposes tax credits to businesses that expand their operations and create jobs. He has also proposed legislation that seeks to give sales tax credits to new businesses. With electricity rates cutting into California businesses' bottom lines, Mr. Horton has introduced legislation that creates an Office of Economic Development at California's Public Utilities Commission in order to assess the affects of utility regulations on the state's economy. These forward thinking and innovative efforts to partner with businesses are rare in the current legislative environment where raising taxes is the preferred solution.        

    Assemblymember Horton serves as a member of the Assembly Committees on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media; Elections, Redistricting and Constitutional Amendments; Insurance; and Utilities and Commerce. He chairs the Assembly Select Committee on California Horse Racing and Gang Violence and Juvenile Crimes. Among other Assembly Select Committees, he also serves as a member on Airports and Airline Industry; Community Colleges; High Priority Schools and Workforce Investment.

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