Thea's Ranma RPG!!!
Hello Everyone! I am Thea, and I decided that I wanted to run my own RPG. Because of that, I took an anime I liked, and made my own RPG on ezboard. Its really easy, all you need is to have a FREE account at and then to email me at: to join! You can pick just about any of the characters, good or bad!
The RPG is at

The story:
A group of villian martial artists, who are obsessed with going around the universe fighting people, accidentally wind up in Nerima. They decide to do the one thing that they think most productive while they repair their magical space travelling dojo. They join Akane and Ranma's High School. Who knows what'll happen once you join!

There are many characters to choose from in this RPG:

Good Guys:

Akane             - Taken - Thea
Ranma            - Taken - James / Wofie
Ryouga            - Open
Genma            - Open
Soun               - Open
Kasumi           - Open
Nabiki             - Open
Kuno              - Taken - Myung / Miyuu-chan
Ukyou            - Taken - Myung / Miyuu-chan
Shampoo        - Taken - James / Wofie
Mousse           - Open


Hutori  (male)  - Taken   - Thea
Akori   (twin of Ataski) (female)   -Open
Ataski  (twin of Akori)  (female)   -Open
Youri   (male)   -Open
Hitsuka  (female) -Taken - Thea

Self-Made Characters: (And Proud of it!)

Myung (female) - Taken - Myung / Miyuu-chan
James Campbell (male) -Taken - Richard / Dick

Any other self-made characters, villians or not, are free to join. ^_^ Please! Please! Please! No Tsubasa! He scares me! J/K

Anyways... what are you waiting for? E-mail
Don't be afraid to join! The ezboard is located at: