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Austin High School is a sixty-five year old school located about two miles Southeast of downtown Houston. There are industrial and warehousing facilities in the neighborhood. The recent downtown revitalization has caused the value of housing to rise dramatically around the school.

Austin High Schoolís attendance zone is changing for the 2000-2001 school year. This change is caused primarily by the opening of the new Chavez High School. Based on the new attendance zone, Austin is predicted to have approximately the same enrollment as the 1999-2000 school year.

Austin High School has a student body of about 2,400 students. The student population is over 96% Hispanic, 3% African American and less than 1% each of AngloĖAmerican and Asian American. Other student profile data includes: special education 9%, at-risk 85%, economically disadvantaged 80%, and limited English proficient students 21%. The attendance rate is 92.2%, and the overall dropout rate is 3.7%. The 2000 Spring TAAS data indicate that 97% passed math, 90% passed reading, and 94% passed writing. About 40% of our 1999 seniors took the SAT or ACT with mean scores of 375 verbal and 396 math. The Fall 1999 EOC passing rates were algebra 50%, biology 71%, English II 80%, and U.S. History 65%.

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Austin High School has over two hundred employees on staff. The professional staff consists of over 120 teachers, five counselors, seven administrators, and six other professional staff members. About 47% of our teachers are White, 32% African American, and 20% Hispanic with 1% Asian.

Austin is on an accelerated block schedule. Students may take four courses per semester. Students may accumulate twenty-four credits in three years and graduate. This schedule allows greater flexibility for students to receive advanced diplomas or engage in programs outside the school and still receive their high school diploma within four years.

Austin High School for Teaching Professions is our magnet program, which serves approximately 224 students. Our magnet students are provided with a four-year sequential specialized curriculum designed to attract them to the teaching profession. The program provides enhanced academic preparation for college and has a variety of field components such as exploration, commitment, lesson teaching, and internship. Austin was selected as one of ten schools in the country to implement the pilot program, S.A.Y. (Science & Youth). Students are trained in S.E.R.I.E.S., a science curriculum that they teach to the elementary students during their internships.

Austin has the following ten departments: Math, English, Career and Technology, Special Education, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ROTC, Foreign Languages, and Physical Education. Each department has submitted a departmental improvement plan to support Austinís school improvement plan.

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Our LEP (Limited English Proficient) program serves approximately 511 students who are in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Transitional English classes. ESL content area classes are biology, physical science, algebra, geometry, U.S. History, geography, and world history.

Austinís Special Education program serves 282 students. Students are taught an individualized and sequential curriculum. Resource classes in math and English are provided for our special education students. We also have life skills classes and a behavior adjustment class. The life skills program includes communication, math, personal development domestic/community training, vocation, health, and adaptive physical education.

Austinís Career and Technology Department offers five programs. The programs, including number of students, are Ė Business Education (666), Technology Education (129), Home Economic Education (57), Agriculture Education (88), and Trade and Industrial Education (212).

An accelerated program of Advanced Placement courses is offered at the school. Our AP courses are calculus, physics, English, environmental science, chemistry and government. All our Pre-AP and AP teachers have received the required training.

Austin has two major social services entities on campus: Communities in Schools (CIS) and the Baylor College of Medicine Teen Clinic. CIS provides counseling and other assistance for students and their families. The Teen Clinic services routine medical needs of our students. Austin has a very successful Future Farmers of America Program with its own ranch.

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