Professor Emeritus of Physics and Hamilton Distinguished Professor of Science Education at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y., USA.

Graduate of The Johns Hopkins University where he earned his A.B. degree in 1943 and his in 1949, after government research (1943-46) during WW2 at (what is now) NASA.

He is author or co-author of seven different textbooks, in relativity, quantum physics and general physics, in fifteen editions, and translated into over 30 languages. It is estimated that over seven million students worldwide have studied from his books.

His research publications are in aerodynamics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, history of physics, and physics education.

Honors include Hans Christian Oersted Medal of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the association's highest honor (1974); Honorary Research Fellow and Visiting Professor at Harvard University, (1964-65); Fulbright Professor, Peru (1972); Honorary Visiting Professor, People's Republic of China (1981 and 1985); Exxon Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching (1954); Distinguished Faculty Award, RPI (1971); Outstanding Educator of the Year (1972); Fellow of the American Physical Society and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma XI honorary societies; President's Fund Scholar, Johns Hopkins (1946-49); Alumni Hall of Fame Baltimore City College.

Other positions held include Faculty of Physics, U. of Pittsburgh (1949-56); Board of National Commission on College Physics (1960-68); Advisory Board project Physical Science for Non-Scientists (1964-68); Co-Director national project Physics Demonstation Experiments(1962-70); Advisory Editor, JohnWiley& Sons publishers (1967-1983); Chairman Interdisciplinary Science Curriculum, RPI (1973-1988); President of American Association of Physics Teachers (1986-89).

Retirement Honors include: Commencement Speaker, 1993 RPI graduation ceremony (first time in Rensselaer's history that a faculty member was so honored); Establishment of an endowed Robert Resnick Lecture Series at RPI (world-renowned physicists brought each year to show the relation of physics to other disciplines and to society); a new laboratory-The Resnick Center for Physics Education- established at RPI; nationally sponsored International Meeting in Physics Education held in honor of Resnick at RPI on occasion of his retirement(1993).

Textbooks, first published in 1960, are still being used worldwide in 2002 and being continually revised; the Resnick/Halliday text was cited at 100th Anniversary Meeting of the American Physical Society as the outstanding introductory physics text of the 20th Century.