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Once upon a time, there was a small company that dreamed of becoming a manufacturer of the best saltwater fishing boats in the world. There were dreams of building a range of boats that would meet every fisherman's need: bay boats, near shore, blue water, and tournament boats. In 2003 that dream was finally realized. While other boat manufacturers were reducing their boat lines, Pro Sports continued to expand their offering - always striving to fulfill the fisherman's every requirement. Pro Sport engineers have finally met the challenge by inventing a series of technologically advanced power catamarans that meet every boaters dream.

Imagine a sleek, state-of-the-art, power catamaran with multiple power options, including outboard , I/O, direct drive, diesel or gas. A boat that has a broad selection of amenities, such as stand-up showers and stainless heads, tuna towers with electronic shift and GPS, and an extra wide beam that gives a ride that makes you feel like you are on a cloud.

Then there is the new Blue Water series. This line of boats continues to convert your dreams into reality by offering an entire range of center console monohulls, eighteen to thirty footers. Again, imagine a center console which can take you into shallow bays or envision the magnificent Sportfish with the aft cabin that can take you into the deepest blue waters and allow you to land that record marlin.

Take a few moments to tour our awesome display of 2004 models. I know you will be excited with what you will see. Our new "flagship", the 3660WA Sportfish now has a big sister, the 3660 Sport Cuddy. Both of these ProKats fill a niche that no other power catamaran manufacturer can accomplish. In addition, our engineers have also designed an "all new" thirty foot deep vee center console which will be released mid-year 2004. If you are a true dreamer, you will recognize this as an absolutely incredible boat. The ten foot, eleven inch beam with a high tech console make this a one of a kind "dream boat".

Whether you are dreaming of a deck boat, a bay boat, or just a mid size fishing boat that is trailerable, Pro Sports has it all. However, it is the unique design of the exciting and remarkable line of power catamarans that will really take your breath away. Our line-up has cuddy cabins for the family or center consoles for the die-hard fisherman.

This is what dreams are made of .

Mike Robinson, President
Pro Sports Boats

Captain Norm Isaacs says "I love my 2660 ProKat - I fish offshore All over the world on a lot of different boats, both large and small. Very few boats in it's size range can stand up to the rigors required for heavy tackle and big fish. I chose the 2660 ProKat power catamaran for my personal boat because "it can". The folks at Pro Sports do it right. They build their boats double tough, plus I get an incredible ride for a boat its size. Anyone looking for a small boat that can do a big job can't go wrong with Pro Sports."