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Careers for English Majors

Careers for English Majors identifies related career titles, related major skills, and related web sites

Creative Freelancers
includes both freelance and full-time job postings (mainly American)

English- What can I do with this degree?
lists a variety of careers for English majors as well as strategies for obtaining such careers

Hanover College, Practical Jobs for English Majors
includes a variety of career descriptions for English Majors as well as links to   other sites

Occupational Outlook Handbook, Writers and Editors
includes career descriptions and outlooks as well as earnings for English graduates

Portland State University, Career Centre and Internet Resources for English Majors
lists places of employment and resources for English majors as well as links to other related sites

Trends In Writing and Editing, Make English a Marketable Degree
considers the occupational outlook for careers in writing and editing

University of Calgary, Faculty of Humanities- Careers for Students
offers a variety of career options in the Humanities including English

What kinds of jobs can an English Major find?
includes various descriptions and requirements of careers for English students and graduates

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