Cumbrian Genealogy

1851 Census of Cumberland & Westmorland


The Cumbria Family History Society have, over the years, transcribed and published 1851 Census data for many districts of what is now known as Cumbria. Below is listed all the Census Indexes published by them. To see which of them are still in print and available for purchase go to the web page which lists them, and shows prices/ordering procedure..

To assist researchers, a name index is available produced for many of the publications. To see which indexes have been completed to date, press the publications shown in blue. To further assist, a more detailed list of the places covered in the publications has also been compiled 

  Please note that the C. F. H. Society are unable to enter into correspondence about any of the names appearing in the publications or carry out searches in them

  If you find surnames of interest in the indexes, and want to know more about them, please, if you are able, purchase the appropriate publication from the Cumbria FHS, as it supports the work they do to make such lists available to us all.







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