Feb 10, 2005
The QEMU Accelerator Module is now available.
Nov 14, 2004
QEMU version 0.6.1 is out. (Changelog). Many bug fixes and new disk image formats.
July 10, 2004
QEMU version 0.6.0 is out. (Changelog). A lot more OSes are supported. PCI and Cirrus Logic GD5446 VGA adapter support. Initial PowerMac emulation (can launch some OSes, but not Mac OS X yet).
May 12, 2004
Official OS support table.
May 8, 2004
QEMU version 0.5.5 is out. (Changelog). Much improved Windows 98 support. VGA support in PowerPC PREP target.
Apr 26, 2004
QEMU version 0.5.4 is out. (Changelog). This is the first version which is able to install and run Windows XP (experimental). This is also the first version which is able to boot a PowerPC PREP Linux kernel on a PC.
Apr 4, 2004
QEMU version 0.5.3 is out. (Changelog). VESA VBE support. Many bug fixes. Initial Win32 port. New monitor with Virtual Machine save/restore and debugging features.
Jul 10, 2003
New benchmarks comparing QEMU to Bochs and Valgrind with the nbench benchmark.