Memorials from Nicholforest Church


GRAHAM Tombstones in Nicholforest Churchyard

Thanks to Petra Mitchinson for transcribing these

Graham memorials in the New Churchyard not transcribed here, if you are interested in any please contact me.


Plaque inside church

1) To the Glory of God and in Memory of Robert GRAHAM of Raeburn, who departed this life March 2nd. 1933, aged 78, by whose generous gift this Church of Nichol Forrest was restored and re-decorated in the year of our Lord 1934. This memorial was erected by his fellow parishioners and the Vicar of the Parish The Rev. J.J. BROWNHILL.



Old Churchyard

2) In loving Memory of Joseph GRAHAM of Spadeadam, Lanercost, who died February 13th 1926, aged 73 years. Also of Ann, wife of the above Joseph GRAHAM, who died Oct. 8th 1927, aged 69 years. Also of Annie, youngest daughter of the above, who died June 5th 1927, aged 33 years.



3) In loving Memory of William GRAHAM who died at Penton Mill July 5th 1907 aged 74 years. Also Hannah GRAHAM his wife died at New-Castleton Janry. 22nd 1910 aged 68 years. Also Andrew Forster GRAHAM grandson of the above who died at Fallen Ash May 6th 1924 aged 34 years.



4) In Memory of Christopher GRAHAMof Yerningsike who died Feb 19th 1847 aged 76 years. Also of Mary GRAHAM wife of Christopher GRAHAM who died at Yerningsike 31st. March 1863 aged 84 years. Also Margaret BORTHWICK their daughter who died at New Zealand 7th April 1863 aged 42 years. Also of John their son who died Octr. 1865, aged 55 years. Also of Thomas their son who died 5th Augt. 1866 aged 49 years. Also of Christopher GRAHAM who died at Woodbank House May 6th 1910 aged 68 years.



5) In loving Memory of James GRAHAM who died at Scugg House 5th Jany. 1906, aged 71 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died at Scugg House, 21st Sept. 1911, aged 76 years. Also John eldest son of the above who died at Scugg House, 7th March 1948, aged 75 years. Also Mary Ann wife of the above John GRAHAM who died at Milburn House 28th May 1951, aged 80 years.

[large gap with nothing written]

Also Jane daughter of the above, who died in infancy.



6) In Memory of William GRAHAM of Pleaknows who died April 10th 1847 aged 66 years. Also Mary his wife who died July 5th 1864, aged 78 years. Also of Sarah his granddaughter and daughter of William and Sibbed GRAHAM who died at Troughhead September 18th 1857 aged 9 years. Also Sibbald wife of William GRAHAM who died April 20th 1894 aged 67 years. Also John GRAHAM who died at Mosshead March 14th 1898 aged 89 years. Also Isabella wife of John GRAHAM who died at Mosshead March 18th 1898 aged 87 years.



7) In Memory of John GRAHAM of Raeburn, who died Octr. 23rd. 1905, aged 81 years. Also Elizabeth GRAHAM wife of the above who died at Raeburn June 28th 1906, aged 81 years. Also Mary GRAHAM daughter of the above who died at Raeburn, Febry. 15th 1911 aged 49 years. Also Thomas GRAHAM son of the above who died at Raeburn, Decr. 27th 1921, aged 73 years. Also Irving GRAHAM son of the above John GRAHAM who died in Ontario, Canada February 12th 1931 aged 74 years. Also of Robert GRAHAM son of the above John GRAHAM who died at Raeburn, Penton March 2nd. 1933, aged 78 years.



8) In loving Memory of our dear Francis George son of Richard and Jane GRAHAM who died at Lowhill Cottage Jany. 29th 1905 aged 17 years and 10 months. Also the above Jane GRAHAM who died at Penton Station Jany. 27th 1922 aged 68 years. Also the above Richard GRAHAM who died Augt. 6th 1928 aged 76 years. Also Hugh B. GRAHAM son of the above who died Sepr. 5th 1929 aged 33 years.



9) In loving Memory of Thomas Watson beloved husband of Elizabeth GRAHAM who died at Bruntons Hill, Longtown 15th May 1938, aged 63 years. Also of the above Elizabeth GRAHAM who died 19th Sept. 1958 aged 87 years.



10) In Affectionate Remembrance of Jane, wife of George JEFFREY, who died at Haithwaite Gate July 22nd 1877 aged 28 years.
Also their son Andrew who died September 23rd 1877 aged 6 ? months.
Also Mary their daughter who died April 22nd 188? aged 7 years.Also Albert, son of the above George and his wife Mary who died April 30th 1902 aged 14 years.
Also the above George
JEFFREY who died at Haithwaite Gate June 11th 1907 aged 77 years.Also of Mary, widow of the above George JEFFREY who died at Haithwaite Gate May 11th 1913 aged 70 years.

(reverse side)

Also of William A JEFFREY Sergeant 17th Northumberland Fusiliers their son died of wounds in France April 19th 1918 aged 39 years.

(Note: George Jeffrey's first wife was Jane Rome, an illegitimate daughter of Dr George Rome of Longtown: Dr Rome's sister Jane Ann Irving is mentioned below. )



11) In Loving Memory of the Rev William IRVING MA who died at Liddel Lodge April 9th 1840 aged 33 years.
Also Jane Ann wife of the above, who died at Liddel Lodge April 25th 1886 aged 83 years.
Also of James Hirst their son who died at Liddel Lodge July 11th 1894 aged 57 years.
Also of Jane Georgiana their daughter who died at Liddel Lodge May 28th 1912 aged 74? years.

Note: from the Carlisle Patriot April 15th 1837

A married clergyman, in full orders, MA of Oxford, who has been for several years curate to a high dignitary in the Church, wishes to obtain a curacy in the North of England, in Cumberland, Westmoreland or Northumberland. He will be happy to refer to a correspondence of five years with the late rector, to the Lord Bishop and the Archdeacon of the Diocese, to a testimonial signed by 930 out of 940 of his late parishioners, and to upwards of twenty clergymen, his nearest neighbours. His clerical labours hitherto have been confined to the country, which he would still prefer, but to procure a situation in a Northern County, he would be glad to take any curacy that required constant activity and perseverance in the duties.
Address (Post paid) Rev W I, Weare, Cross, Somerset.

(The Rev Irving moved to Nicholforest but died of typhus soon afterwards).

From the Carlisle Patriot April 11th 1840 - Deaths
At Liddel Lodge, on the 8th inst, the Rev William Irving, MA, Jesus College, Oxford.



12) Walter LITTLE who died at Haithwaite Gate Dec 10th 1873 aged 86 years
Also of William his son who died June 10th 1852 aged 17 years
Also of Ann his wife who died March 10th 1883 aged 81 years
Also John
LITTLE their son who died July 15th 1891 aged 59 years
Also Thomas William son of John and Mary
LITTLE who died March 1st 1892

Thanks to Janice Hogg for this inscription.






War Memorial

In Honour of our Heroic Dead who fell in the Great War 1914-1818

Lest we Forget

Lieut. F P Joyce

Staff Sgt T Dixon

Sgt W A Jeffrey

Cpl W Nixon

L/Cpl J Dixon

L/Cpl R Vevers

Pte R Dixon

Pte W Dobson

Pte J Forster

Pte D James

Pte A Kennedy

Pte JR Hurdy

Pte W Milligan

Pte F Turnbull

Pte S Telford

Pte A McV White

1939-45 - Flt S - Rumney