Creamy Mami Anime Ring

Welcome to the FIRST Creamy Mami Anime Ring EVER! If you have a Creamy Mami homepage, please join this ring for the remembrance of Creamy Mami, one of the earliest, best anime series... ^_^ (well... Candy Candy is an exceptional)

Please read and do the instructions below!

1- Add yourself to the QUEUE by filling in the form below!

2- Please choose 2 images from the Creamy Mami Ring Gallery! Then copy the HTML fragment in your HOMEPAGE!

3- Then E-Mail a random member so they can official add you on, or you can e-mail me!

4- You will then be an Official Member, so if anyone asks you to add them, please see if they have the correct HTML fragment of the Creamy Mami Ring, then add them on!

Hope you have Lots of FUN in this Ring!

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