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  Step by step, this demo will guide you through eCriteria's Web Database Publishing Wizard process to publish a Web database with eCriteria.  As a customer account holder, you may create (1) data entry databases (databases in which you can add information), (2) searchable databases (databases you can query to find appropriate information), and (3) data entry and searchable databases (which allows you to both add data and search a database). The demo will emphasize how to create a searchable database by uploading data from your desktop PC. eCriteria Enterprise version features are not shown in this demo, but we have many sample sites that use Enterprise feature for you to gain an appreciation for the power of eCriteria Enterprise. This demo assumes you wish to use eCriteria with a website. If you simply wish to use eCriteria as a replacement for your desktop PC database software, you can stop at Step 7. At the end of this demo, it is suggested to view the How To section for more detail.

Step 1: Please login as a Data Author.  If you have not registered with eCriteria, please click on the "Register as Data Author" button on the left hand column and proceed to the Registration form.

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