Yendorian Tales Book I
Ó 1994 SW Games

The vile monsters in the land of Yendor are growing more numerous. The governors have called for all
that are willing to come forth. You must assemble a party of strong fighters and cunning magic users to
defeat the monstrous hordes. But alas, more precarious quests await you on this vast island. During your
journey, you will meet with the "Society of Wizards", who founded this great land a century ago. And just
when you think that you have brought the monsters to their knees, you will be thrown into a grand quest
to return the stolen orb of the great wizard, Zamora.

Stunning High Resolution Graphics
Registration includes SVGA Version
Large Playing Area with a Bird's Eye View
Control a Party of up to 6 Characters
Animated Lifelike Monsters
Easy to Use Keyboard\Mouse Interface
Many Powerful Magic Spells
A World Full of Characters to Interact with and
Forests, Mines, Swamps, and Deserts to Explore

System Requirements:
IBM or 100% compatible
640K RAM, 15 megs free on hard drive

Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse

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