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I've been seriously remiss about updates (thesis) for a long time. However, Patric Nielsen Hayden, on rec.arts.sf.written, dropped this little hint regarding Dragon:
I have hard evidence in the form of a delivered manuscript, which I have read. We'll be publishing it in hardcover in November.
(PNH, rasfw, <6b86vs$2dt@news1.panix.com>). About, BTW, Barritt's Tomb.

Sample Chapters!

Sample chapters for Dragon are up on Tor's Web Cite.

By the way, I am Jake Kesinger, not Steven Brust. His address is skzb@dreamcafe.com.

Steven Brust

From About the Author in Jhereg:
Steven Karl Zoltán Brust was born on November 23, 1955. His parents raised both their children and the household plants by the system of Benevolent Neglect (and insist that it worked with the plants). His care and supervision have since been taken over by his family: his wife, Reen; his son, Corwin Edward; and his twin daughters, Aliera Jean and Carolyn Rozsa. He presently earns his living as a systems programmer for a computer manufacturer and as a drummer for a suburban white reggae C&W band. He also plays the guitar, acts in community theatre, fences, practices pistol-shooting, studies Shotokan karate, invents traditional Hungarian cuisine, serves as vice-president of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, and is planning to get some sleep Real Soon Now.
Five Hundred Years After has:
Steven Brust is a Minneapolis writer of Hungarian ancestry and the father of several novels and four children, non necessarily in that order. In addition to writing, cooking, and starting arguments, Brust plays drums, banjo, and guitar in a variety of musical groups, including the legendary Cats Laughing. He lives in a large Victorian house and he drives a car that must be seen to be believed.

What does PJF stand for?

(From Five Hundred Years After)
Paarfi: Very well. Tell me, then, what do the initials ``PJF'' after your name indicate?
Brust:(annoyed) I said I don't want to get into that.
Paarfi:(stiffly) I beg your pardon. But if you are going to go so far as to insist on having obscure initials after your name on the very title page of a novel, I should think the reader would have the right to know what these initials indicate. Is it an elaborate joke? Is it a statement of that you hope to accomplish? Come, sir. Here is your chance to explain to your public.
(Brust declines to answer)
Paarfi: As you wish.
See also Phoenix's Explanation.

Cats Laughing and Other Bands

From Five Hundred Years After:
Cats Laughing
Reissue, Another Way to Travel
Queen of Air and Darkness, King of Oak and Holly
Steven Brust
A Rose for Iconoclastes
All published by SteelDragon Press. All available on tape, Another Way to Travel and A Rose for Iconoclastes are available on CD.
For a catalog, send a SASE to
P.O. Box 7253
Minneapolis, Minesota, 55407
or they have a online version.

The Man also has a homepage on wavefront.

The Books

The Vlad Taltos books are (in order of publication):
  1. Jhereg
  2. Yendi
  3. Teckla
  4. Taltos
  5. Phoenix
  6. Athyra
  7. Orca
  8. Dragon(forthcoming, from Tor)
The actual chronological order looks something like:
  1. Taltos
  2. Yendi
  3. Jhereg
  4. Teckla
  5. Phoenix
  6. Athyra
  7. Orca
The Phoenix Guards books are:
  1. The Phoenix Guards
  2. Five Hundred Years After
  3. The Viscount of Adrilankha Trilogy (forthcoming)
The Fenarrian book is Brokedown Palace.
Dzurlord is a choose-your-own-adventure type of book published by Tor in 1987 (ISBN: 0-812-56410-3). It's not canon, there are sections which blatantly contradict most of the end of Taltos, and I can't find Devera. Some of Brust's characters apppearing include Sethra, Aliera, Morrolan, Zerika II, Adron, Sethra the Younger, the Sorceress in Green, and Vlad. There are illustrations; I suppose the artist did the best he could but his Dragaerans don't look anything different than humans (and one of them has a moustache!). It has to be between Taltos and Yendi timeline wise, but other than that I can't place it any closer. More to come.

He has also written the following non-Dragaera books:

Cover Scans

Thumbnail images are on a separate page. Thanks to Herb Miller for the Orca scan.

The Seventeen Houses of Dragaera

The houses are (in the order of the cycle):
  1. Phoenix (Decadent)
  2. Dragon
  3. Lyorn
  4. Tiassa
  5. Hawk
  6. Dzur
  7. Issola
  8. Tsalmoth
  9. Vallista
  10. Jhereg
  11. Iorich
  12. Chreotha
  13. Yendi
  14. Orca
  15. Teckla
  16. Jhegaala
  17. Athyra
  18. Phoenix
For an explanation of exactly what the animals are and what they represent, you may want to look at this list, copied from Dzurlord

The cycle is described by the following poem (copyright Steven Brust)

Phoenix sinks into decay
Haughty dragon yearns to slay.
Lyorn growls and lowers horn
Tiassa dreams and plots are born.
Hawk looks down from lofty flight
Dzur stalks and blends with night.
Issola strikes from courtly bow
Tsalmoth maintains though none knows how.
Vallista rends and then rebuilds
Jhereg feeds on others' kills.
Quiet iorich won't forget
Sly chreotha weaves his net.
Yendi coils and strikes unseen
Orca circles, hard and lean.
Frightened teckla hides in grass
Jhegaala shifts as moments pass
Athyra rules minds' interplay
Phoenix rise from ashes gray.


I'm removing all my Devera stuff because Monty Ashley's Devera FAQ is pretty definitive.

Sethra Lavode

I have a copy of Joel Polowin's Q-17 story available for viewing.

A Dream of Passion

In 1986 Brust wrote a short story for an Ad Astra chapbook. He released it on GEnie, and from there it filtered out onto the internet. There are some things in it that reveal a lot about Vlad's future, so you may want to think twice before reading it.

A Night At the Castle

Marx Bros. in Adrilankha. Nuff said.

Dramatis Personae

You might be suprised how many characters there are (mentioned or featured). Currently goes through with 356 entries. I've got the others somewhere, but I can't read my handwriting, so it may be a long time before this is finished.

Brust on the Net

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