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Thunder and lightning happen at the same time but it doesn't seem that way to us. The reason is that light (the lightning) travels to our eyes faster than sound (the thunder) travels to our ears. Sound travels faster than cars and most airplanes but it's slow enough that it can trick our ears sometimes.



1. Stand with your back to your partner. Put the end of the paper towel tube up to your left ear. Close your eyes and keep them closed.

2. Have your partner tap the rulers together on the right side, about 1 foot from your ear.

3. Then have your partner tap the rulers together on the left side near the end of the tube.

4. Now have your partner tap the ruler a few times without you knowing where she or he is going to tap it. For each tap, you have to say which side the sound is coming from. Your partner will tap the rulers in these three places in any order:

For each tap, make a tick mark in the right box of the chart.

5. Repeat this with the roles reversed.

6. Did you have any trouble telling where the sounds coming from?





Name of person listening to sounds: ___________________

Rulers Clapped Here:Heard on RightHeard on LeftHeard Behind

Right Side

Left Side By Tube

Behind Head

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