Activities For Pi Mathematics

Activities For Mathematics


is the focus of this project. It includes a variety of activities to help you learn about . You will discover the approximate value of . You will use measurement and report data.

In the History section you will be able to explore the history of using the World Wide Web. " Calculations Over Time" will link you to Internet sites on mathematicians who have calculated .

In the Information/Video section there are Fun Things About , Kathleen Smith's award- winning hyperstack, "A Slice of Pi", and a video called "A Pizza Project on ".

You can send us information about your favorite pizza in the Project section. You will have the opportunity to participate with other students throughout the world on this collaborative project. Results of this project will be available on Day, the fourteenth of March ( 3/14).

In the Application section you will apply formulas and do some practical problem solving. Visit and calculate the circumferences of the planets; then check your calculations using Internet resources.


Objects to be measured:


Use the measuring tape or the string and ruler/meter stick to measure the circumference of the tops of the objects. Then measure the length of the diameter.

List these measurements in a table like the one below:

  • Now take your values of and round them to the nearest hundredth.

    Thoughts to Consider:

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