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Kane's Furniture

Throughout Florida

(Note: Kane Furniture of Charlottesville, VA, is an independent, family-owned store that has not been the subject of any complaints).

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Something seems to have gone very wrong at Kane's, the Florida chain of furniture stores. The following complaints are all from early 2001.

Rita of Orlando writes:
On 1/17/01 we purchased a coffee table. To date (3/7/01) we have had no response to repeated calls and inquiries to the store where the purchase was made - or to the customer service representative Jennifer in Tampa. Curiously or deliberately Christen (at the store) gave us the wrong number for Jennifer. When we were unable to reach the Cust Rep we called the local store back and a man gave us the correct number.

NO ONE has indicated an interest in finding this coffee table or responding to our messages. Voice mail messages go unanswered, assistant managers and managers are not available and the computer system is down. We are polite people - see no need to raise our voices but are seriously considering protesting outside the store!

Michael of Tampa writes:
We ordered furniture on Kane's Day-After-Thanksgiving sale. We ordered an entertainment center, a dining table, 6 chairs, a server, and a china cabinet. They all match which is important because we have a great room plan in our house.

Well, the entertainment center and the server arrived. The entertainment center was missing a knob and a glass shelf was chipped. We reported it on delivery but still have not received replacement parts. Then eventually our dining table was shipped ... no chairs, no china cabinet. Now we have to bring our old stuff back in so we have a complete set and the new table has been sitting in our garage for a month so we can't park our car in there.

So we are waiting and waiting for the rest of our order ... then 3 months later they tell us that the china cabinet has been discontinued. The manager was supposed to try to locate one for us but he never called when he said he would and was never in or in a conference when I called. No surprise there, we have been getting the runaround from all associates for the last 3 months!

Edward of Winter Garden:
I bought a $1,000 loveseat from Kane's Furniture on South Orange Blossom trail in Orlando. My mother cut her hand on an exposed tack and several screws fell out of the chair. They brought a another chair out to replace the piece of c*** we bought. This chair was worse than the first. One side of the chair was uneven and it is hard to get it to recline.

They sent a repair man out. He said he couldn't fix it and he would send a report in so we could get a refund. We never heard anything from the store after that. We have called and went to the store in person twice. They said they would call us both times, but we still have heard nothing from them!

Art of Melbroune, FL, writes:
Let me start by saying I am not a difficult person to deal with, I am a financial professional in our community and have been in the financial services industry for almost 40 years. Most of this has been in a managerial position. Kane's has 14 stores in Florida and has been in business for years and I have been told by several people that they have always had poor customer relations.

After looking for a dining room set for about 3 weeks, we went to Kane's to order it on July 15, 2000. The following is a summary of the experience we had trying to spend money at this store.

  • July 15 (Sat) Ordered Table, 6 chairs, and China Cabinet Salesmen Mike Wiese checked the computer and said, "We are in luck, all of it is in stock." He said it would be delivered the following Thursday (7/20).
  • He then tried to sell me a warranty on the fabric on the chairs at $10 per chair, told him no, all I wanted was the furniture. I was very specific. When he brought me the sales contract he had added $10 under each chair. I told him I did not want the warranty and he said he misunderstood me I told him to take it off. We then had a women try to sell it again and I told her no. Mike then came back and tried to sell it again.
  • Mike redid the contract and when I reviewed it he had added a delivery charge of $50.00 that he had not told us about. We finally got the contract right and I left. Mike told me I would get a call a day or two ahead to schedule the time for delivery.
  • July 19 (Wed) About 6:00,I did not get a call on Tuesday or today so I called the store. Lady there said it was scheduled for first thing the next day. I tried to move it because of a conflict and they would only do that if I paid an additional $50 delivery fee. She said the extra charge was because I had given them too short a notice of a change of delivery date. I reminded her that we had gotten no notice at all, but she said we would have to pay the $50 anyway. I agreed to meet truck at the house on Thurs 7/20.
  • July20 (Thu) 9:15 AM Driver asked for a check for the balance owed. I told him I had that for him but wanted to inspect the furniture first. He then told me the china cabinet was not on the truck. I asked why and he said it was not in stock but should be the following week, he thought. He called someone to get permission to collect less money. While he was on the phone, I decided that I would not take any furniture until it all was in. I told driver this and they left.
  • July 20 11:00AM, Called corporate office, switchboard (Joanne) refused to put me through to Pres. Office. She said she was instructed that no customer could be put through to President's office. She took a message and a Jennifer called me back. Jennifer said she was the Cust Serv Mgr. When I told her about the high-pressure sales on the warranty, she assured me that was not normal. She told me that the cabinet had been out of stock since July 1 and was not expected to be in till the end of Aug or maybe early Sept. I offered to take a piece off the showroom but she said no. I asked for my money back and she said she would have to wait for my check to clear my bank. I told her it had cleared already and she promised to mail a check the next day, Friday. She refused to mail it today.
  • July 24 (Mon) NO CHECK. Called corp. office and asked for President was refused but did get to leave a voice mail for his asst, Michelle. Left message for her at 4:08PM. Called back and left voice message for Jennifer at 4:40PM and again at 4:55. Left voice message for Michelle at 5:05. Called and held for about 30 min and operator put me thru without telling me to a lady by the name of Jackie, she said she was in personnel and operator didn't know what to do with me so she got the call. She suggested I call Patti Grace the Store Manager. I did and went through several questions before I was allowed to talk with her. Told her of my experience with pressure to purchase warranty, she said she was glad I told her of this because that meant that the sales people were following her instructions. She promised to check on this and call me Tues morning. Told her if not resolved, I planned on picketing the store, she said go ahead. Gave her Office and Home phone numbers.
  • July 25 (Tue) Approx 3:30, NO CALL BACK from anyone. Called my attorney and asked him to call. He called for Patty Grace. Left a message for her to call.
  • July 27 (Thu) NO CALL BACK to attorney or myself. Picketed from 4:30 to 9:00 Shortly after I started picketing, Jennifer called house and spoke with wife about 5:50PM, said she didn't know where check was and she had mailed it on Monday (not Friday as she promised) Talked to couple that came out of store. They have had same problem but for $1,900. and have been trying for 2 months to get money or furniture. They stayed home for 6 diff delivery times and still don't have all the furniture. Six deliveries for a five-piece bedroom set, what a waste of time and money.
  • July 28 (Fri), 2nd day of picketing, man from store said he was store Operations Mgr and check was being delivered to store for me on Saturday. 3 more people told me of the same type problems 2 going back to early May.
  • July 29 (Sat) icketed today and now up to 10 people who have had problems. One lady called the Sheriff to witness what they told her about her refund. There were 3 diff people in store at the same time trying to get their furniture or money back. Was approached by women and two men from the store. I assumed the woman was the store manager, but she did not say and she was very unprofessional. And somewhat juvenile. One of the men was the Oper. Manager and when I asked where my check was he said he had told me it was coming on Monday and he said, "That's your trouble you have selective hearing" The other man was around when I bought the furniture. I believe him to be like a floor manager. He is big and he called me a liar and said he was there when I told the salesman I wanted the warranty. HE WAS NOT THERE and I never told the salesman I wanted the warranty. He also said "I KNEW YOU WERE AN ASS AS SOON AS I SAW YOU." I said I had contacted the TV stations and he said, "What can they do, we are a billion dollar company". I went home a little after 8 and called the Sheriff and put this incident on record.
  • July 30 (Sun) Rain. Did not picket. Got list of all the Chambers where Kane's has stores and wrote emails to them.
  • July 31 (Mon) Got a message from the store that my check was there. Went by with the Sheriff and got the check. Check is dated the Friday (7/21) that it was originally was to be mailed. Wonder what happened to it since it was mailed on the following Monday according to what Jennifer told my wife on 7/29.

All in all this was a terrible experience and I keep thinking of the others who have not gotten resolution yet and the ones to come in the future. But what can you expect from a business whose president has forgotten the customer is the one paying his salary. Thank goodness I did not accept partial delivery as many others did or I might be fighting for months to get the rest. I believe that if an attempt were made many customers would come forward with stories like mine.

Richard of Orlando writes: (4/2/01):
In August 2000 we purchased a sofa and love seat worth $1,500.00. When we recived these, we noticed that we were missing the back cushins that are part of this furniture and without these neither the sofa nor the love seat can be ultilized. On the following business day we called it in and set up an appointment for the service person to come to the house and survey the missing parts. It took a while for this person to show up (sept 19, 2000) and it took even longer (oct., 2000) for the WRONG cushions to be mailed to our house.

We called Kane's once more and talked with Ivette (customer service rep. for the Orlando store); she was nine months pregnant and ready to go out for her maternaty leave. She claims that she put in the order again and if within three weeks we have not gotten any more information that WE needed to call in again. Instead of them calling us to verify that all is going well, we had to do this when it is their job as CUSTOMER SERVICE reps. I patiently agreed and three weeks later nothing. Called the store and talked with Delia. She looked into our files and stated that there has be no re-order since the first one placed on back in Aug/Sept. That she would take owenrship of the situation and made sure that we would get our cushions ASAP. She typed in the information needed and sent a rapid E-mail to the manufacturer's office and told me that this should speed things up.

January 2001 is here and still no cushions. All this time I am waiting on them to deliver on thier promise and yet nothing. Not even an apology letter, or update phone calls on our situation. I called again and spoke once more with Ivette and told her that I was the customer that talked with her the day prior to her leaving for her term. She partially remembers me and look into Delia's notes but just like Delia, she too did not find anything. Now, this is getting rediculous. I asked her very kindly what is going on and she explained that because she was out for all this time she could not really tell me for sure. Even though she was the first person I talked with who set up our appointmens, she had no clue. Did not offer an apologies, talk to her supervisor, condolences nothing to keep us calm whatsoever. It is as if they truly do not care about customers.

I went to the store and spoke with the salesperson who sold us the furniture, Stanley, and he claimed that was very unfair for us having to go through this and offered that we come in when the gerneral manager was in, Keith, and have this furniture exchanged completly. This is not what we were looking for, nor did we want anything else but our cushions. So we patiently went to the customer service desk asked to speak with Ivette but she was on the phone forever and could not attend to us. We waited til very late. My son had yet to have his dinner, my wife had to cancel her reservations for that evening and still no one cared but Stanley to help out. One guy who had no clue of what was going on decided to help out but made the situation worse by looking into our files and he to claimed that there was no information pertaining to our re-order. This just keeps getting worse.

Finally on March 05, 2001 I got to speak with a supervisor only after having Delia transfering me over to her because Delia did not recall any such order that she made nor could she find records of such. Still, after all this time no apology, discounts, or letters from any one at this store. I waited one more day to speak with the supervisor, Kesh, and Delia promised that she would ask Kesh to call me back I was the one who had to call back the next day because it was 3pm and nothing from this store or its reps. When I called I asked for Delia and asked her why did Kesh not called, she stated that she would put her on the phone to speak with me but failed once more to even apologize for her not giving the message. Kesh came on the phone and answered as if she was answering from her house, HELLO? Did not identify herself nor she had any clue of my problem. This is way too much. Now just like the rest of the crew she stated that she would take care of this situation and re-order our cushions and that if from three weeks from today we would not receive these to call her back.

I gave her 3wks and 3days and called on Wednesday March 28, 2001 and talked with Delia once more because Kesh was not in for that day. But that she promised once agian that she would give the message to Kesh. Next day came and no call from no one, I calle again and spoke with Delia she passed me quickly to Kesh with out even asking if I wanted to hold. Kesh came on again not identifying herself. Told her who I was and asked why she failed to call. She told me that she was not aware of the situation but that for me to explain what was going on. Agian no apology, no compensation, no nothing to make our wait a pleasant one. So, by this time I was very upset, so very upset yet politely I explained and she turns around and tries to point the finger at me by calling me a liar. Her words, "Mr. C, I will be more then happy to help you with this situation but you should not say things that are not true". This blew the roof off.

I asked what did she mean by this and she stated that I told Delia tha Kesh said that she would call me back. I told her she was right, that she never said such a thing, but that it was Delia the one who prommised me twice that she would have her supervisor call me not me call them. So, the information is being submmitted wrong if at all. She continued to argue with me and said that I would have to wait another day for her to get a response from the manufactuer about the cushions.

I finaly had enough and decided to take Stanley's offer on tradding this furniture out. She laughed and said that she could not do this because this funiture has been in my house for nine months. I told her that they have only been there waiting on Kane's to respond to us and deliver as promised so many times. But that Stanley her store employee told me what I needed to do and that is what I am doing. She said that Stanely is no one and he has no authority do make such decisions. I told her that Stanley is an employee of Kane's and that it was he that offered this to me that due to him being an employee for Kane's they should keep there word. She insisted that he was no one and that she could not authorize such offers. I asked to speak with the person who does and she said I need to speak with Keith the general manager. But he was not in today that I would have to call in tomorrow.

Again I have to wait and nothing nothing at all through all this process was anything being done for our fustration, wasted time, agony, headaches, lost weekends and not to mention not being able to use our $1,500.00 furniture due to the missing cushions, to compensate or nor has there been any apology whatsoever. I decided to vist the store one more time and hopefully get this situation resoved. On Friday March 20, 2001, 4:35 pm I went to the store ... I asked for her boss by name, Keith. All this time she arguing with me. She finally gave in, got Keith and within two seconds her whole attitude changed and she said very sarcastic, "Mr. C, we will go ahead and exchange these out for you". By this time I have had enough and just went ahead with it. She then proceded to pull our records ... and asked that if the following Sat was a good time to deliver.

It is amazing what a customer must go through to get what they paid for. Even now I still feel very fustrated about this stituation because nothing has been done for our inconvenience. No apology, no compensation, no discoount, no coupons, no nothing at all. This is a very disrespectful situtation for a customer to go through.

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