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An Internet WebQuest Created for School District 54, 6th Grade Students

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Travel through time with your classmates.   Find out how the Ancient Greeks lived and what role the Olympic Games played in their culture.  Continue towards modern times when the Games were re-established with fierce competitions between countries.  Move beyond present times.  Will the Games continue long into our future as they did in Ancient Greece?


Are you going to the Olympics? Yes you are!  You and your classmates are going to travel through time to explore the Olympics from Ancient Greece through the future of the Modern Olympic Games.  Each team of explorers will enter the time machine and be sent back. . .2700 years. . .200 years. . .60 years. . .20 years. . .1 year. . .and to the future.   Virtually Speaking, Of Course!

Your team of explorers will investigate the people, culture and politics of the time to find out how they impacted Olympic Events.   You will ask and answer questions as you travel through your designated time period.  When were the first Olympics?  What role did they play in Greek society?  Why were Modern Olympics initiated? 
Your team will share your findings with your teacher and classmates.  How have the Olympics changed over the last hundred years?  How have they fared through wars, boycotts and terrorist attacks?  You will look for connections between past, present and into the future.  
Are the Olympics about individual athletes or the countries they represent?  Is there a future for the Olympic Games and what changes might we see over the next twenty years?

Your team's data will become an important component in the final Olympic Timeline created by your class.  Your teacher will discuss with you what this will look like:  A PowerPoint from past to present, a visual timeline using Inspiration, An Olympic Story in HyperStudio, An Olympic Timeline book created with Microsoft Word, or any other creative presentation the classroom chooses.

Before you and your team of explorers can journey through time, the role of each member must be established.  It is important that you carry out your duties to allow for a safe, productive journey.  Your teammates are counting on you.



Recorder Maintain the Travel Log.   Record web site addresses along with data/information from the site.  Note the pages with graphics you may want to revisit during the final project.
Communications Officer Contact person between teams and team and teacher.  Share and compare with the "C.O." from other teams.  Communicate new findings with your team.  Pass on to team members any new directions, suggestions from teacher.
Pilot Flies the time machine - controls the mouse on the computer.  Be sure all team members are able to view the websites.  When necessary, read and point out important information for team members.
Navigator Provide direction for your team of explorers.  When necessary, remind the team of the direction they are to go and keep them on course.  Make notes in the Travel Log of sites to revisit.



Olympic Time Frames will be distributed to the teams by the teacher.  You and your team members will use the web sites provided and any other resources made available by the teacher to investigate your Olympic time frame.  

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Let's Go!
Go to the Time Machine
Go to the Time Machine


1. You and your teammates will be evaluated as you progress through this WebQuest to help guide you in your travels.  You will be asked to determine how well your group is working together by using a Cooperative Group Rubric.

2. Your Communications Officer will be maintaining a Travel Log.  This log book will include information about sites visited and data gathered.  All team members will be a part of the data gathering.  The Log will also include questions by the team that will provide direction for the team.

3. Using the Internet as a resource can allow us to gather information from a variety of sources as a group.  It is important that we recognize and "cite" these sources as we would an encyclopedia or other text.   The Web Site Title and address should be noted in the Travel Log along with the information gathered.

4. The final presentation will involve teams working together to create a "Journey Through the Olympics" presentation.  The class will work together to create a checklist of requirements for this presentation.


The Olympic Games of past and present have been a reflection of the events, values, and culture of the time.  By looking into the heroes, hopes, tragedies and changes of the Games, we can gain a greater appreciation of the trends and social systems that have shaped history and will influence our future.

Author:  Dawn Moore, Learning Technologies Facilitator
Created:  August 5, 2000; Last Updated:  January 08, 2002
School District 54, Schaumburg, IL