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Prof. Joseph Weizenbaum

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Joseph Weizenbaum is Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT. At the beginning of his career with computers, circa 1950, he worked on analog computers and helped design and build a digital computer at Wayne University in Detroit, Michigan.

In 1955 he became a member of the General Electric team that designed and built the first computer system dedicated to banking operations. Among his early technical contributions are the list processing system SLIP and the natural language understanding program ELIZA.

Professor Weizenbaum has held academic appointments at Harvard University, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Stanford University, the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Hamburg in Germany. He holds a D.Sc.(h.c.) degree from Adelphi University in New York, a D.h.Ltrs. (h.c) from Hampshire College, and a D.Ing. (h.c.) from Bremen University, Germany Professor Weizenbaum is the author of "Computer Power and Human Reason", 1976. His more recent book "Kurs auf den Eisberg" deals with the difficult role of the scientist in an immoral world.

He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a member of the New York Academy of Science and of the European Academy of Science.

Recent and/or Significant Publications

ELIZA - a computer program for the study of natural language communicationbetween man and machine. Communications of the ACM 9. 1966.

Computer Power and Human Reason, San Francisco, CA: W. H. Freeman 1976.


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