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Thursday March 3, 2005
The Guardian

Regarding Bobbie Johnson's article (Posting for profit, February 24), Darren Rowse (, has written on making money from weblogs. His latest instalments are "More on making a living off AdSense" and "Earning a six figure income from blogging?". It turns out there are many people who object to people making a profit off their blogs. It seems these people believe that the open spirit of the web is tarnished by people who profit from their blogs.

A new set of film licences for games suggests that stagnation might be ending ... or worsening. Gamesblog (February 25) wryly asks, "Is this going to be another case where a well-known licence is used to front a bare-faced GTA wannabe?" Given our observations about the limited character agency in GTA, the prospects for meaningful interactions in these film licence games seem dubious at best. All of which makes us wonder: what kind of new gameplay might be possible in such games? Do they have to be forgettable console shooters?

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