Welcome to the Quizbowl On-Line Editing Project!

It is my hope to contribute to the quizbowl community by allowing an opportunity to grapple with the text or actual packets. This would allow people to see concrete examples of what is good and bad questions writing.

This is the way I intend to the project to work. A packet will be posted. Comments on the packet will be mailed to me at ard@po.cwru.edu. Do not send it to the packet author(s). While the attempt will be to keep authors semi-anonymous, these individuals will be knowable or guessable by virtue of having distinctive styles or having had people actually play on these rounds. Feel free to comment on anything from subject matter to individual questions style to observations about entire packets as a whole.

Comments will be edited for the following reasons: repeated comments, length, anonymity of the critic, and tact, as well as any other thing that I find necessary. Comments will be inbedded within the packet, creating an annotated document on how to write a packet. As an additional request, I would like it if people could list along with their comments what they think would be the average combined scores of: a) two top ten teams; b) two median teams; and c) two novice teams, assuming 24 tossups if the game is for a timed tournament.

Potential areas for commentary include but are not limited to: packet balance and distribution, style and wording, difficulty, accuracy of questions, and structure. Basically, anything you want.

This is not the proper forum for format wars. Provide comments within the context of the tournament for which it was written.

Assuming this is successful, I will accept future submissions for critique. I will accept any packet over a year old, or less than a year that with the permission of the team which hosted the tournament to which the packet was submitted. I will accept packets from tournament hosts, provided they acquire the permission of packet authors. 

The first packet is now online. I am bo longer accepting comments on this packet.  It was written for The Fifth Annual Michigan One on One tournament or "Benoy Chacko Cup." Difficulty was pegged as something easier than ACF, harder than CBI, easier than NAQT Nats, harder than Jeopardy! and was written for timed play according to the Michigan Memorandum Appendix, sans variable value bonuses.
Packet 1 Tossups Packet 1 Bonuses

If anyone would like to volunteer a second packet, I am accepting offers now.

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