Safeguarding Databases
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Guardium is a venture-backed, privately held company that develops network-based security solutions for safeguarding data repositories. The Company was founded in 2002 and is based in Waltham, MA.

Cedar Fund

Cedar Fund is a venture capital firm investing in high technology companies. With its quality investment track record and over $225 million under management, Cedar Fund is among the largest and most notable venture capital firms focusing on Israel-related, early stage investments.

Veritas Venture Partners

Veritas Venture Partners is Israel's most experienced venture capital firm investing primarily in technology-based companies at the seed and very early stages of their lives. Main focus areas are enterprise software, network communications and healthcare.

stage one ventures

StageOne is an Information Communication Technology fund, which focuses mainly on communications ventures. The fund was formed by a professional management team and the sponsorship of the Israeli PTT- Bezeq and Discount Capital Markets. StageOne is distinguished by its proven ability to create value, making the Fund a magnet for the best communications-related entrepreneurs.


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