Adams County in the Revolutionary War
  • Biographical Sketches of Revolutionary War Veterans
  • Revolutionary War Soldiers: Service and Information
  • Revolutionary War Acts of Congress for Pensioners
  • Adams County in the War of the Rebellion

  • Stout, Corporal Thomas

  • Twenty-fourth OVI
  • Thirty-third OVI
  • Thirty-ninth OVI
  • Sixtieth OVI
  • Sixtieth OVI (offsite)
  • Seventieth OVI
  • Regiment Index (offsite)
  • Eighty-first OVI
  • Ninety-first OVI
  • Regiment Index (offsite)
  • One Hundred Twenty-ninth OVI
  • One Hundred Forty-first OVI
  • One Hundred Seventy-second OVI
  • One Hundred Seventy-third OVI
  • One Hundred Eighty-second OVI
  • One Hundred Ninety-first OVI
  • Seventh OVC
  • First OVHA
  • Second OVHA
  • First OVLA
  • Second OVLA
  • Morgan's Raid
  • Civil War Soldiers Monument
  • Ohioans Buried at Rebel Prison of Andersonville, GA (offsite)
  • Adams County in the First World War

  • Contributed Soldier Data
  • Adams County in the Korean War

  • Servicemen POW/KIA DNA Testing Assistance Needed


  • If you would like to share your Adams County military information (all eras, campaigns, military soldiers data, etc., welcome!) with others here at the Adams County site, please see our Sharing Your Information page for more helpful information about adding your information.

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