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David LaDuke

Co-Founder and CEO

David LaDukeAn experienced entrepreneur, Dave has a successful 20-year track record in high-technology marketing and management. Most recently, as co-founder and VP of Marketing of Linuxcare, Inc., Dave defined the company’s business model, strategy and service offerings, and built the company’s brand to stand for leadership in open-source services. Previously, Dave provided high-technology strategy consulting for clients including Apple Computer, Crystal Decisions, Netscape, Oracle, Pinnacle Systems, Questra, Silicon Graphics and Toshiba. Before that, he held senior marketing positions at Apple Computer and NeXT, Inc. Dave earned an B.A. and M.F.A. from Columbia University, and an M.B.A. from the Tuck Graduate School of Business at Dartmouth College.

Kathy Giori

Director of Product Management

Kathy GioriKathy Giori was most recently Director of System Integration and Test at SkyPilot Network, Inc. leading the integration, implementation and testing of a proprietary broadband wireless network for residential customers. Prior to SkyPilot, Kathy was President, CEO and co-founder of WorkSpot, Inc. WorkSpot built custom wireless Palm applications for companies such as eBay, Barnes&Noble.com, AT&T teleconferencing, OmniSky, and others. Kathy's responsibilities included investor fund raising, business development and sales, management of software development, and in the early days, writing code. Before WorkSpot, Kathy was a Senior Engineering Manager at Etak, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corp, leading the rollout of their real-time traffic information system, a partnership with Metro Networks. Prior to Etak, Kathy worked at SRI International, as a Senior Research Engineer in the areas of RF communications and electromagnetics. Kathy holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and a BS in EE from the University of Minnesota.

David Vu

Director of Sales

Arthur TydeDavid has demonstrated a track record of success in building inside sales teams and processes. David previously held the position of Vice President of Account Management at Pinpoint Marketing and Manager of Business Development at Ants Software. David holds a BA in Engineering from the University of California, Davis.

Scott Hutton

Director of Engineering

Scott HuttonScott Hutton has been architecting software products for over 12 years, leading the charge on such projects as Indiana University’s comprehensive computing knowledge base system, WorkSpot Inc.’s Groupware package, and, most recently, Gibraltar Software’s Everguard™ patch management and deployment systems. At Indiana University, he held the title of Security Officer, and brought years of experience with secure application design and system evaluation. Scott’s strengths are in IP and wireless networking, Unix security, software development and systems management, cryptography and Web applications. His computer security background includes extensive experience with Kerberos API and deployment, as well as SSL/PKI and custom architectures.


Casey Green

Casey Green is founding director of The Campus Computing Project, the largest continuing study of the role of information technology in American colleges and universities. The project is widely cited by both campus officials and corporate executives as the definitive source for information about information technology issues affecting American higher education. Green is also visiting scholar at School of Educational Studies of The Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California and a visiting professor at Case Western Reserve University. In addition to his current work with The Campus Computing Project, Green often serves as a consultant on campus planning, policy, and technology issues. His corporate clients and project sponsors include some three dozen firms in the information technology and publishing industries.

Michael Hulfactor

Michael Hulfactor is a Senior Partner of Customer Insights, a research firm focused on understanding high-technology adoption patterns. Michael has focused on customer demand, targeting, and opportunity analysis in high-technology business markets in the U.S. and worldwide over the past 12 years. He has managed over 50 major proprietary studies with global technology companies including IBM, Oracle, Sun, Apple, and Netscape, as well as startup companies. Specializing in quantitative research management and analysis, he is developing new approaches to understanding the mechanisms involved with the adoption of innovative technologies. Michael was formerly chief analyst for the Division of Academic Computing at the University of California, San Diego. Michael has a Ph.D. in administration and policy analysis from Stanford University.

Chris Paul

Currently CFO of Determine Software, Chris has over 18 years of finance and operational experience. Most recently, Chris was the CFO/COO of Linuxcare, Inc., where he led the effort of preparing and filling for their IPO. Prior to Linuxcare, Chris held the CFO position at Cloudscape, ICVERIFY and Integral Systems. In all three cases, Chris was instrumental in successfully growing the company and eventually selling them to major software companies. In his career, Chris has raised over $100M in venture capital equity for emerging technology companies, and has led dozens of successful mergers and acquisitions. Chris’s success can be most directly attributed to his disciplined approach to fiscal management and strategic business development. Chris began his career at Ernst & Young.

Mark Rich

Mark Rich is Co-Founder and Director of SkyPilot Network. Prior to SkyPilot, Mr. Rich spent 15 years at SRI International, one of the premier research, development and consulting firms in the world. He was most recently the director of the Physical Layer Laboratory, specializing in communications and emerging technologies. Prior to SRI, Mr. Rich worked in communications labs at GTE Government Systems and Bell Labs.

David Sifry

Co-Founder and Advisor

Dave has 17 years of software development and entrepreneurial experience. As co-founder, CTO, and VP of Engineering at Linuxcare, Inc., Dave helped build Linuxcare’s services infrastructure, including its managed services business, a Linux-based, managed-server technology and service for xSPs. Clients included Digital Island and Consonus, and partners included Compaq and Hewlett-Packard. Dave is a recognized expert on open-source development, licensing and the Linux operating system. He serves on the board of Linux International, the advisory board of the National White Collar Crime Center, and the technical advisory board of the National Cybercrime Training Partnership for law enforcement. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Vesna Swartz

Strategic Advisor

Vesna is a seasoned executive with over 20 years marketing and business development experience at leading public and private companies. Most recently, as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Questra Corporation, Vesna defined and managed all aspects of the company’s marketing and product strategy. Vesna established successful partnerships with IBM, Intel Corporation, Siebel Systems and leading field service ISVs. As Senior Director of Global Marketing at Netscape, Vesna lead vertical marketing for a $400M enterprise software business, establishing Netscape as the leading infrastructure software provider in the communications and financial services markets. As Senior Marketing Director at Oracle Corporation, Vesna launched and managed the Oracle Certified Professional Program, making it the top IT program in the industry. Vesna has a MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a BS from Boston University.

Arthur F. Tyde

Co-Founder and Advisor

Art is a technologist and proven leader with a 17-year track record of combining innovative technologies with prudent business acumen. A strong advocate for leveraging market advantages around disruptive technologies, Arthur was founder and president of the Bay Area Linux Users Group (1994), and co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Linuxcare, Inc. (1998). Art was voted among the 50 most important people in Linux, is a sought-after speaker and internationally recognized authority on open-source software in the enterprise. Prior to Linuxcare, Art held senior consulting, executive, and management positions at Gap Inc., IBM EMEA, the California State Automobile Association (AAA), and the international law offices of Melvin M. Belli, Sr. Art holds a B.A. from Michigan State University, is a licensed private investigator, private pilot, and unlicensed entrepreneur.

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