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No. Day of Birth Day of Baptism Child Christian names of parents Surname of parents Place of Abode Calling or Profession Sponsors Officiating Clergyman
872 7 April 1874 7 June 1874 Charles Henry and Mary Ann (MOSS) SPICER North Town Belt Gardener Henry SPICER, Charles MARSH, Ellen MARSH C J MERTON
873 2 April 1874 7 June 1874 Leonard Joseph Henry and Mary (WALKER) KNIGHT Caledonian Road Butcher The Parents C J MERTON
874 18 September 1873 17 June 1874 Frederic Timothy William Timothy and Amelia (KRINGLE) HAYES Taylor's Lane Labourer The Parents, William TENNESON C J MERTON
875 13 April 1874 21 June 1874 James Edwin John and Eleanor Cressy Annie (MOULDEY) COXHEAD Kilmore Street Carpenter Walter James WILLIAMS, John COXHEAD, Phoebe Fanny COXHEAD C J MERTON
876 18 April 1874 21 June 1874 Hilda Maria John Martin and Annie (PERKINS) THOMPSON Salisbury Street Salesman John Martin THOMPSON, Georgina ADAMS, Mary LINDSAY C J MERTON
877 24 March 1874 21 June 1874 Francis Henry Francis Charles and Leonora Elizabeth Eugenia (LA NAUZE) TIPPING Gloucester Street Post Office Clerk Francis Hall TIPPING, henry Cooke LA NAUZE, Anna Louisa TIPPING C J MERTON
878 26 March 1874 5 July 1874 Ferdinand Mowitsen (?) MCMELLON John and Cecilia (SCHRODER) MCMELLON Kilmore Street West Carpenter Ferdinand MOWITSEN (?) and Augusta MOWITSEN (?) Edward Athol LINGARD
879 4 July 1866 21 June 1874 (Private) Agnes Gertrude Thomas and Ellen (BURKE) BROWN Colombo Street North Labourer DEAD Edward Athol LINGARD
880 (no given date) 21 June 1874 Ellen Margaret Thomas and Ellen (BURKE) BROWN Colombo Street North Labourer DEAD Edward Athol LINGARD
881 5 May 1874 12 July 1874 (Private) George William and Hannah (MOFFAT) HOWE Kilmore Street West Mason   Edward Athol LINGARD
882 19 May 1874 29 July 1874 Henry Neil John and Margaret (BAILLIE) DOLLAN Madras Street North Compositor The Parents Edward Athol LINGARD
3024 22 September 1886 3 October 1886 Ethel Maude Elizabeth Alice (LEWIS) SIMS Peterborough Street   The Mother Edward Athol LINGARD
3025 6 August 1886 10 October 1886 Hannah George and Jane (REYNOLDS) MCCULLAGH Peterborough Street East Labourer Samuel HOLMES, Jane MCCULLAGH, Frances MCCULLAGH Edward Athol LINGARD
3026 7 April 1886 4 November 1886 Norman Ambrose Donald Henry and Hannah Sophia (RAINE?) POTTS Ashburton Farmer Norman H MACFARLANE, Ambrose POTTS, Ida F PEACHE Edward Athol LINGARD
3027 17 August 1886 7 November 1886 Donald Monteith Hugh and Mary (TRIGGLE?) BURNSIDE Conference Street Customhouse Agent The Parents, Alitha F ROBINSON Edward Athol LINGARD
3031 16 September 1886 7 November 1886 Edith Eva henry William and Mary Ann (MORRIS?) SMITH Hereford Street East Clerk Henry CATER, Emily CATER Edward Athol LINGARD
3032 2 October 1886 13 November 1886 Elsie Josephine Lucinda William and Annie Josephine (RYAN) BREEN Lichfield Street East Hatter John BREEN, Theresa M RYAN, Josephine RYAN Edward Athol LINGARD
3033 12 November 1885 13 November 1886 John Coote John and Mary (deceased) (COOTE) IRWIN Fairfield, South Rakaia Farmer John IRWIN, John MORRIS, Ann Jane MORRIS Edward Athol LINGARD
3034 22 September 1886 14 November 1886 William John James and Harriett Marion (MILLS) HAMILTON Peterborough Street West Carter The Parents, Andrew L SMITH Edward Athol LINGARD

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