Inspection 12
Get Rad


You’ve got to love haven’t you, come on….haven’t you?! Well I do! Helping me find Inspection 12 adds to the growing list of cool bands via this website I have found! So thank you SmartPunk!

Seventeen tracks on one album, surely that’s too much, surely it all sounds the same, pah you silly fools it’s Inspection 12, and they are actually original!!! Sounding like the bastard offspring of Something Corporate, Yellowcard, Darlison, Waking Ashland, Punchline and Fall Out Boy Inspection 12 manage to create a gnarly blend of pop-punk, emo and pianocore!! With each member of the band being more than at home on their chosen instruments the sweet vocal harmonies, soaring guitars and well timed drumming combine with the use of tinkling keys to create a sample of musical joy I could listen to all day.

With “Get Rad” Inspection 12 have combined an eclectic sound with an even more expressive array of instruments including but by no means limited to a banjo, cello and French horn! Would you believe the core of this band is actually just 3 musicians joining forces to create a hard rocking machine after listening to this CD? I could’ve sworn there were at least 6 of them, but no I was wrong!!

“Again” is an uptempo moody song that stomps along like Stig Of The Dump on his best stomping day! Whereas “I’m Fine: I Can Drive” is a sonically brilliant masterpiece combining the best the band has to offer with slow vocally spot on sections followed by twiddling guitar and solid drumming. Excellent. Even having guest vocals from Ryan Key of Yellowcard on “Nothing To Lose” this album lets you down at no point whatsoever.

It feels like you’re watching a play and this is the soundtrack. Maybe it’s the soundtrack to your life. I know for one that this is one of my favourite CDs this year, and in my collection. I strongly suggest you pick this up as it’s near perfect.

Track Listing:

1. Homesick
2. Coup De Grace
3. Feelin' Like Freddie
4. Labels Are For Cans
5. Again
6. In The Dark
7. The Naked At School Dream
8. Everyday
9. Out Of My League
10. I Hate Soup Operas
11. A Better Friend
12. Reckoned Wrong
13. Terrified
14. You Can Call Me Al*
15. Home
16. I'm Fine: I Can Drive
17. Nothing To Lose

Submitted by James Davison



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