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Stuyvesant High School, the nation's preeminent specialized public high school, was founded in 1904 as a manual trade school for boys and later became a specialized high school for mathematics, science and technology.

Its 3,000+ co-ed student body is selected through competitive examination. Stuyvesant offers a rigorous four-year curriculum that includes not only demanding mathematics, science and technology courses but a wide array of challenging liberal arts offerings as well.

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 Stuyvesant's student body numbers 3,200 kids?

 20,000 kids take the test each year for 750 places in the freshman class at Stuyvesant?

 30% of the incoming freshman class are immigrants to the United States, and an additional 20% are first-generation Americans?

 the school's 28,000 alumni include many of the country's leading scientists, academics and professionals, including astronauts, educators, environmentalists, lawyers, novelists, physicians, judges, artists, musicians, professors, actors, public servants and journalists?

 Stuyvesant occupied the same building on East 15th Street for 89 years, before moving to a new, multi-million dollar facility in Battery Park City in 1992?

 its decade-old building in Lower Manhattan boasts 12 labs, 12 shops, 450 computers, color monitors in each classroom, all in service to its outstanding science, math and technology curriculum?

 Stuyvesant boasts an outstanding humanities program as well?

 Stuyvesant offers French, German, Spanish, Classical Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Korean and Mandarin Chinese?

 its 26 varsity athletic teams, despite a lack of athletic facilities, capture more than 2/3 of all Divisional championships?

 the average SAT scores of its students are 693(v) and 734(m)?...WOW!

 Stuyvesant offers 55 AP courses?

 Stuyvesant leads the country in the number of National Merit Scholarship and Intel Science Talent Search semifinalists and finalists?

 its extracurricular program includes more than 100 clubs and and 30 publications?

 Stuyvesant began as a school for boys only, became coed in 1969, and currently has a 60/40 ratio?

 Nearly 100% of its graduates go on to attend four-year colleges?