Links to Related Sites

These are links to external sites.  Including a link does not necessarily imply endorsement of the site.  The sites will vary in quality, as is the case on the web.  In dealing with the subject of mind control, encountering disinformation, psyops, and provocateurs is unfortunately unavoidable.  There are some nasty people involved in these matters; some caution is advised.


Other Mind Control Sites

 Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics
 Mind Control Forum (MCF) [*]
 MindNet (at MCF)
 CKLN Mind Control Series (at MCF)
 Raven1's Index Page
 Mind Justice
 Christians Against Mental Slavery
 MINDFIELD  (Gordon Thomas' site)
 Freedom of Thought Foundation
 NAF Foundation
 Martti Koski - Mindcontrol
 Satellite Surveillance and Human Experimentation
 A current US program of involuntary human experimentation
 EMScandal HomePage
 Electronic Harassment
 Mind Control Resistance
 Project Media Matrix
 Boycott Brazil
 Injustice (Delgado references)
 Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Recovery
 The Government Psychiatric Torture Site
 Government Mind Control
 More Than Conquerors (Ritual Abuse Network)
 Leading Edge's EM Mind Control Concepts page
 Surfing the Apocalypse (Intelligence Page)
 Project Freedom
 Movement for the Ban of RF Weapons
 Peter Grafstrom's site
 SamizData from IsoMind
 Konformist MKULTRA Page
 Cryptography Manifesto

Alternative News Sources

 The Consortium for Independent Journalism 
 Information Clearing House
 American Free Press
 Deep Times News Service
 Project Censored
 Covert Action Quarterly (some older articles online at MediaFilter and here)
 Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
 SF Bay Guardian
 Disinformation web site
 SavePacifica (see the "history" link)

Human Rights Organizations


Technical Information

 U.S. Patent Office (full text of patent applications is now available, in addition to granted patents)
 IBM Patent Server
 University of Maryland Virtual Technical Reports Center

Government Information
 Library of Congress (including Thomas)
 National Archives and Records Administration
 GPO Access (Congressional Record, etc.)
 Government Information Xchange
 Research and Development Descriptive Summaries

Miscellaneous Links

 The Wayback Machine (archive of old internet sites)
 Junkbusters Privacy Link (what information is your browser/OS revealing?)
 Gibson Research Corp. (similar to above, but more Windows focus)
 Citizens' Initiative Omega (info on general EMF health-related matters)
 A book on mind control by Judy Wall, a long-time MC researcher and activist
 Deep Black Lies (David Guyatt)
 Alex Constantine's Political Conspiracy Research Bin
 KeelyNet Archives (at Elektromagnum)
 Common Courage Press (book publisher)
 Feral House (book publisher)
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