I. Jonah's Response to God's First Call (1:1-16)

A. God's instructions (1:1-2)
B. Jonah flees from God (1:3)
C. Jonah on the ship (1:4-16)

1. Storm comes (1:4-5)
2. Captain awakens Jonah (1:6)
3. Sailors discover Jonah's guilt (1:7-10)
4. Jonah's instructions to save ship (1:11-12)
5. Sailors try to save ship (1:13)
6. Sailors listen to Jonah and toss him overboard (1:14-15)
7. Sailors worship God (1:16)

II. Jonah and the Great Fish (1:17-2:10)

A. Great fish swallows Jonah (1:17)
B. Jonah's prayer (2:1-9)
C. Great fish disgorges Jonah on shore (2:10)

III. Jonah's Response to God's Second Call (3:1-10)

A. God's instructions (3:1-2)
B. Jonah's preaching in Nineveh (3:3-4)
C. Nineveh repents (3:5-9)
D. God spares Nineveh (3:10)

IV. Jonah and God Talk (4:1-11)

A. Jonah's anger with God (4:1-3)
B. God questions Jonah's anger (4:4)
C. Jonah watches Nineveh (4:5)
D. Bush that shaded Jonah (4:6-8)
E. Jonah's continued anger (4:9)
F. God instructs Jonah concerning love (4:10-11)


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