A note on the translations:

You may notice that some of the English sounds quite unnatural in the translations. I have attempted to mimic the Japanese version so that it is easier to discover the Japanese meaning as well as the grammatical order.

It is also very possible that I have made mistakes so please let me
know if you find errors.

xxおん がく



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Ayaka Hirahara:
Ashita (J/R/E)
  Soshyuu (J/R)
Another World (J)
  Perfect Vision (J)
  Kairakunokana (J)
Utada, Hikaru: Addicted (J/R/E)
Misia Red Destiny (J/R/E)
  It`s just love (J/R/E)
Hajime, Chitose
Yakusoku (J/R/E)
Crystal Kay
Candy (J/R/E)


J=Japanese Lyrics
R=Romaji Lyrics
E=English Translation

Toshinobu Kubota:
Cymbals (J)
  Messenger`s Rhythm (J/R)
  Free Your Soul/ Missing
Dragon Ash : Grateful Days (J/R/E)
Hirai, Ken : Rakuen (J/R/E)
  Strawberry Sex (J/R/E)
  Miracle (R)
  Ooki na Furudokei (J/R/E)
Southern All Stars : Manatsu no Kajitsu (J/R/E)
  Itoshi no Eri
You Go Your Own Way (J/R)
  Point of No Return (J/R)
  Running Away (J/R)
Kurai, Katsuyuki
Birthday Song (J/R/E)