SES21 - Simple Emacs Spreadsheet

©2003 by Jonathan Yavner

Current version

Why use it?

New for version 21:

Viral immunity, header line, sort by column, customizable variables.  Also, great speed improvements (from deferred updates) and some bugfixes.

Where do I get it? 

Get it all:

ses21-031130.tgz All of the following files.

ses.el The source code.

ses.elc Precompiled binary (recompile it yourself if you're paranoid).

ses-readme.txt Documentation. An example spreadsheet.

ses-coverage.el Coverage tests that claim to show that SES is properly written.

COPYING The requisite GNU file.
Anti-virus protection:

unsafep.el Source code.

unsafep.elc Precompiled binary.

unsafep-coverage.el Coverage tests showing that unsafep is properly written.
Coverage testing:

testcover.el Detect and display source code that wasn't properly tested.

testcover.elc Precompiled binary.